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The Great Bear grenade rifle is a unique weapon in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.


Great Bear rifle blown up

Great Bear rifle expanded

It has the appearance of a grenade rifle, but with a blue American Army-like symbol on the stock.


The Great Bear grenade rifle can fire a total of about 1245 standard rounds from full condition before breaking.



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Grenade rifle 2
Great Bear grenade rifle Gametitle-FNV LR15
Mercenary's grenade rifle Gametitle-FNV CS2
Red Victory grenade rifle Gametitle-FNV LR2
Thump-Thump 2


In the gun case located near Colonel Royez in the Long 15. It can be obtained only if the Courier chooses to launch the missiles at the NCR, or both the NCR and the Legion during The Apocalypse.


  • The Great Bear grenade rifle originally appeared as cut content texture and meshes in the game files of Old World Blues, named as scorpion rifle, along with the projectiles.
  • The only way to access this weapon is to nuke the NCR at the end of Lonesome Road.
  • This weapon is heavier than the Red Victory grenade rifle but makes up for it by doing more contact damage with its grenades.
  • This weapon is not affected by Grunt.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Great Bear grenade rifle is based on the real world M79[1], a U.S. grenade launcher from the early sixties.



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