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I have tales of a Ghost that haunts these very grounds, as well as a Jan-u-wine Egypt-ee-an Mummy that you can see, right here in this marvelous sarcophagus.— Ananias

The Great Ananias is one of the inhabitants of the Den in 2241.


Ananias is a short, mustachioed man with a somewhat criminal look about him. He is a self-proclaimed magician that claims to have found a great "jan-u-wine" (genuine) mummy and to have a haunted house next door. He charges money ($25) for seeing the mummy, of course. In fact, the "mummy" is a sleeping, comatose ghoul named Woody. The haunted house has more basis in fact: Anna Winslow's ghost recently has become restless because her locket was stolen from the haunted house by Joey, a local thug and Jet dealer.

Interactions with the player character

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Apparel Weapon Other items
Farmer outfit Knife XXXXXBeer
Gamma Gulp beer x2


The Great Ananias appears only in Fallout 2.