Grayditch terminal entries can be found in various terminals in Fallout 3's Grayditch.

Doctor Lesko's terminalEdit

This terminal can be found in the recently built shack by the Wilks' house.

Personal notesEdit

Where did I go wrong?Edit


Batch A27 is a complete failure. I must return to my original formulas and begin the process all over again. Perhaps the pressure of working in these conditions without proper laboratory equipment is to blame, perhaps I simply didn't splice the correct genetic instructions or perhaps I am fatigued. Whatever the case may be, A27 is proving to be a disaster. I must introduce a new formula soon or I may not be alive to see my hypothesis come to fruition.

Sample location discovered!Edit

This terminal entry is found during the Those! quest.


I've found the perfect specimen for my experiments inside Marigold station! I've set up shop underground for now while I prepare the experiment. All I need is a bit of last-minute programming on my robot and it will be ready to perform the delicate injections. Soon I will prove to everyone that my formula is a viable alternative to the destruction of these misunderstood beings.



I realize the dangers involved in tampering with nature. I've heard the rhetoric and the hoopla about "playing God". However, I am determined to reduce these poor things back to their original state when they were harmless. Only through genetic recoding is this possible. All that is needed is a proper test subject. My search continues as I tweak the formula.

W. Brandice's terminalEdit

This terminal can be found inside the Brandice's house across the street from the Wilks' house. It is in the bedroom up the staircase.



I can't believe I went through all that trouble to leave Navarro and make my way across the country just to get stuck in this shithole. I'll be damned if I'm going to die here.
Now that we're cut off from Lesko and Wilks, I think we're on our own. The damn ants keep trying to find a way to get inside the house. Even as I'm typing this, I can hear them scraping the walls looking for a way through. I don't know how much longer we can last.



I'm going to have to find a better way to protect Sheila and Will from those ants. Ever since Lesko came to town, I'm certain they're getting more and more aggressive. Wasteland ants are bad enough, but at least you could run away from them. These would seem to pursue you to the ends of the earth if they could. Call me crazy, but I swear I saw one start a fire the other day. I don't know how this could be happening.
I've decided to dig up my old sidearm and keep it hidden on me at all times. If those things get too close, I'll blast the antennae right off their ugly heads.



These ants are becoming a real pain in the ass. So much so that I had to take a trip to Megaton and buy a better gun to protect my family. It cost me a small fortune...I had to trade every bit of ant meat I had collected, but it was worth it. I'm teaching Frank and Sheila to use it just in case something happens to me. If one of you are reading this, and I'm gone, I keep the gun in the kitchen behind the old fridge.



Some scientist named Lesko moved in with the Wilks family across the street. They are helping him make some sort of a structure on the old lot near the diner. Lesko offered to pay me caps if I helped, but I declined. I dunno who he's working for, but I don't think they're still looking for me.
Our supplies are running low, and I need to begin foraging for food and some better drinking water. I'd have an easier time if it wasn't for the damn ants. I swear they have a nest around here somewhere.



I was scavenging some of the near buildings for junk to sell and came across a working radio. No sooner did I turn it on than I heard the familiar patriotic anthems they used to play whenever Richardson would give a speech. But this was different. Who the hell is President Eden? When did that happen? Are they on this coast too? Most importantly, will they come looking for me?
I hope this journey wasn't a huge mistake.



I've finally found a quiet place for my family. We've been running from one settlement to the next, just trying to keep out of sight. Now that I'm on the other coast, I feel mushIcon sic safer.
The family across the way from us seems pretty decent. Their kid, Bryan, likes to play with my son, which is great. It's hard for Will to make friends because we haven't stayed in one place long enough. Maybe we can finally put down some root here in Grayditch.


In the entry "10-02-2276", the line "I feel mush safer" has a typo. The word "mush" should really say "much".

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