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Show off your Fallout branded attire with over 25 t-shirts and pants. Brands include Nuka-Cola, Red Rocket, Vault-Tec and several of your favorite Hubris Comics and more!

Graphic T-shirts are a large collection of clothing that can be obtained in Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Graphic T-Shirt Pack."


Graphic T-shirts are comprised of a basic T-shirt with one of 24 graphic designs alongside one of the multiple pairs of worn skinny jeans. These designs range from Nuka-Cola, Grognak the Barbarian, to Sunset Sarsaparilla.

All variants have identical stats with the exception of their cap value. Graphic T-shirts grant a +2 Charisma bonus when worn. These outfits can only be worn with arm armor and chest armor; they can have ballistic weave applied to them.




  • The graphic T-shirt pack claims to come with over twenty-five outfits, but in reality, it only comes with around 24 designs. The remaining six are likely the result of the different pants.
  • The graphic T-shirt pack was created by Aarwyn.


PCIcon pc The design of the Hubris Comics T-shirt is actually a variant of an Unstoppables T-shirt.[verified]


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