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Doctor Grant was a scientist and engineer at Doctor Whitley's lab at Adams Air Force Base in 2277.


Grant was a result-oriented person, and criticizes Whitley's treatment of the eyebots and other robots as sentient beings. She was a skilled scientist and engineer, but these come at the cost of working on machines while they are "awake," a practice Whitley finds abhorrent.[1] She succesfully filed a complaint with Colonel Autumn, and her new "efficiency guidelines" were put in place.[2]


  • She is named "Howard" in her dialogue file.
  • Conversation with ED-E reveals it still remembers Grant's unethical methods and in its only time, displays extreme anger over her treatment.


Doctor Grant is mentioned only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.


  1. ED-E: "<Distressed beeping>"
    Whitley: "Dr. Grant? What the hell do you think you're doing?"
    Grant: "Ah, Whitley, there you are. Orders from Colonel Autumn - he feels the Eyebot Duraframe project isn't advancing quickly enough. I'm to-"
    Whitley: "You didn't even disengage his damage-avoidance protocols! You're hurting him!"
    Grant: "Don't be ridiculous, it's just a machine. See here, I've already increased the navigation system's efficiency by 65%."
    Whitley: "Get the hell out of here!"
    Grant: "Fine, Whitley, it's your lab. At least until I tell the Colonel about this."
    (Whitley and Grant's dialogue)
  2. Whitley: "I don't believe it! Grant actually went to Colonel Autumn and got approval for her damned "efficiency guidelines!" "All experiments will be carried out with the test subject fully active, to reduce iteration time." It's barbaric! I've explained this to the Colonel - just because the Eyebots don't have true AI doesn't mean they're just machines. I guess results are all that matter around here. Forget things like "ethical procedures" or "humane treatment." I'm starting to have serious misgivings about leadership around here. At least I've got you to talk to, huh ED-E?"
    (Whitley's dialogue)
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