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The Grand Canyon is a location in the former United States.


Santiago describes the location as, "hot and radioactive" but containing valuable old equipment that can be salvaged.[1] He offers information about the canyon and surroundings, including the fact that he and his crew had heard stories of a large object crashing into the western part of the canyon.[2][3]

A quest involved finding replacement parts and fixing the tram that transports individuals across the canyon for Santiago.[4][5] The tram could be utilized by Santiago to make money by way of charging tolls to caravans.[6] The player character may come in contact with a group of thugs from the Crimson Caravan who begin threatening Santiago for control of the tram business.[7][8]

Other individuals in the canyon include a group in Presper's employ led by Pierce who the player character must persuade or fight,[9] and a man named Ike who needs assistance disarming a landmine.[10][11]


The Grand Canyon was planned for inclusion in Van Buren.


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