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This is a transcript for dialogue with Grahm.


# Scene Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00169967 Trade! talking to customer, excited to finally have someone to trade with
2 GQ_SuperMutantMerchant_Scene 0016AFB0 Stuff for sale! calling out to anyone who is in the area, hawking wares
3 0017F058 Get your stuff, right here! calling out to anyone who is in the area, hawking wares
4 0017F064 Pointy stuff! Shooty stuff! Explodey Stuff! All the stuff! calling out to anyone who is in the area, hawking wares
5 0017F06B Don't be scared! I won't eat you! calling out to anyone who is in the area, hawking wares
6 0017F06F Just want trade. Not murder! calling out to anyone who is in the area, hawking wares
7 0017F071 No murder you, if you no murder me! (sing-songy) calling out to anyone who is in the area, hawking wares
8 0017F073 Can any body hear me?! calling out to anyone who is in the area, hawking wares
9 0017F077 Heellooooo! (sing-songy) calling out to anyone who is in the area, hawking wares
10 0017F07D Maybe someone over there. I keep going. to yourself, pep talk, trying to keep your spirits up
11 0017F089 I find someone soon. I know it. to yourself, pep talk, trying to keep your spirits up
12 0017F08A Moo-moo leg better not snap. Don't want to carry heavy stuff myself. to yourself, "moo-moo" is your name for your pack brahmin. talking to yourself to keep yourself company.
13 0017F095 How moo-moo doing? You okay moo-moo? calling over to your pack brahin. "moo-moo" is your name for your pack brahmin.
14 002BA3C4 More trade. Need the best stuff!
15 002BA3C5 Don't worry, moo-moo. We rest soon.
16 002BA3C6 Squish squish. Pop pop. Crush crush. This is the good life.
17 002BA3C7 Grahm's delivery service! Same day! Maybe. Or not. You never know. Me neither.
18 002BA3C8 Chally the moo-moo picks all the good spots to trade. Promise. Ha ha ha! Chally is a mispronounciation of the name "Charlie", so it rhymes with "Wally"
19 002BA3C9 Sometimes Grahm hear music and want to dance. Dunno how to dance. Maybe long ago... maybe...
20 002BA3CA Chally, you hear that? Music? Talking? No. Trade. Trade on the winds.
21 002BA3CB Killing is good, but trading is better. Easier.
22 002BA3CC One day we find the thing we want, Chally, my moo-moo. One day.
23 Then we move off somewhere else. Quiet. Calm. Count our caps. Eat meat and get you some greens forever. One day.
24 002BA3CD Grahm and Chally the moo-moo's Fair Trades. We find you. You trade fair. Or die. Guaranteed.
25 002BA3CE Chally the moo-moo is best trade partner. Always wants same thing. Greens. Safety. Easy stuff. Cheap too.
26 002BA3CF Gets quiet on the road. Thinking back far... so far... almost can remember. Something. Bombs. Explosions. Should have traded instead.
27 002BA3D0 Chally the moo-moo follows me always. I protect. He carries. Seems fair to us.
28 002BA3D1 Need two things to trade. Stuff. Someone to trade with. Simple.
29 002BA3D2 Gimme your stuff! You get stuff back. Or caps. Don't care. Let's deal!
30 002BA3D3 Been here before. No good trades. Maybe this time is better.
31 002BA3D4 Hush moo-moo. You hear that? Trades. Trades in the wind.
32 002BA3D5 Smarty say once, "Murder is just okay. Trades? So good. Things break if you just take." Think about it.
33 002BA3D6 There be meat over them there hills... smart words to live by. Keep dreaming. Think big.
34 002BA3D7 One day you trade for the big one. What's that? Big! You know when you see it. Until then, just trade good.
35 002BA3D8 Thought I remembered this place... that smell. Like home. Old meat? Maybe. Mmm. Home is where the meat is.
36 002BA3D9 Smarty said once, "Trade better than kills. Easy. Live to trade again." Think about it.
37 002BA3DA We got a stash nearby, remember, moo-moo? Wait. No. You just left a pile nearby. Not a good stuff pile... nevermind.
38 002BA3DB You say tato, I say trade-oh.
39 002BA3DC Had a dream about this place... or... a memory... or... maybe all of this is a memory. Or a dream? Or... a memory of a dream? Argh my head.
40 002BA3DD Best walkin' foods... dried meat, dried meat, roast meat, charred meat, skewered meat, squishy meat, crispy meat, fishy meat, stinky meat..
41 ... rotten meat, icky meat, browned meat, seasoned meat, salty meat, slimey meat, sticky meat, sugary meat, meaty meat, chewy meat, gamey meat...
42 ... fatty meat, frozen meat, burnt meat, spicy meat, chopped meat, stringy meat, red meat, wormy meat, mashed meat, peppered meat ...
43 ... did I miss any, moo-moo? Huh? Greens? Oh yeah. And green stuff for moo-moo.
44 002BA3DE Time to play moo-moo's favorite game... follow that smell! Mmm. Free stinkers. That way, moo-moo! That way! excited, as if talking to a doggy
45 002BA3DF Smarty once said, "Over that hill be meat piles." Think about it. You never know til you know. Do you? Smart thinking. Philosophical
46 002BA3E0 Smarty said once, "Grahm, you follow your heart til it stops."
47 But heart is made of meat. Good meat is not free. Gotta trade. So, follow the trades til they stop.
48 002BA3E1 Smarty once said, "Grahm, be safe."
49 Grahm said... "Safe? Like locked up box full of goodies? This Grahm can do."
50 Smarty said, "No. What? No. Did you even listen to me?"
51 Grahm said, "Ok." And I listened. But Smarty was gone.
52 Grahm learned, sometimes trade is in words. Seems fair.
53 002BA3E2 Every day Grahm sees new things. Eats new meat. Mostly new. New to Grahm anyway.
54 Every day, Chally the Moo-moo eat new greens. Make new piles. Sleep new sleeps.
55 We got a good deal.
56 002BA3E3 Grahm found a green thing one time for moo-moo. But it had eyes. Crunchy. Wasn't too green either. Chally gave it back. Deal wasn't good.
57 003D2BB8 One day I find the thing I want. One day.
58 003D2BB9 Wish Chally moo-moo talked. Such long walks.
59 003D2BBA Killing is good, but trading is better. Easier.
60 002BA3E6 Ok. Trade?
61 002BA3E7 This for that, that for this.
62 002BA3E8 Grahm don't care. Just trade.
63 002BA3E9 Fair trade only. Fair.
64 002BA3EA Gimme!
65 002BA3EB Want any of this junk? Good junk!
66 002BA3EC Got anything good?
67 002BA3ED Don't ask where I got this stuff.
68 002BA3EE Got anything good?
69 002BA3EF Better be good stuff.
70 002BA3F0 Got any meat? Trade!
71 002BA3F1 Got anything shiny? Sharp? Made of metal?
72 002BA3F2 You show me yours, I show you mine! Ha ha ha!
73 002BA3C3 Moo-moo, you need good name. You remind me of... I dunno. Something. Someone. Huh. I like you, moo-moo.
74 Gonna call you Chally. Quiet, you follow me. You a good friend. Trying to say "Charlie" but can't quite. "Chally" rhymes with "Wally"
75 Carry my trades. Never go away, Chally. Me and you, always. Trying to say "Charlie" but can't quite. "Chally" rhymes with "Wally"
76 Chally and Grahm, Grahm and Chally. Good friends on the road.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 E02A_Meat_BBQ_FailScene 00551FA4 No! Meat-cook is failure! Grahm is failure! Chally is... Chally not failure, but Grahm failure!
2 Humans, too. Humans failed... Oh well. We try meat-cook again next time.
3 00551FA5 Blaargh! Meat stinks! This meat-cook no good! Grahm quit! Humans go, Grahm need think. Need think 'bout next meat-cook. Next will be better.
4 00551FA6 Oh no... we failed. This meat-cook is stinker, humans. But no worry, we try again. Go get more meat, come back later. <Sigh>
5 E02A_Meat_BBQ_SuccessScene 00551FA7 Humans did it! Made perfect meat-cook! Good job, humans! Time for prizes! Time for meat!
6 00551FA8 Wow! This meat-cook is big win. Humans win Meat Week! Humans eat! Grahm give prizes!
7 E02A_Meat_BBQ_BadScene 00551FBD Uh oh, this meat-cook not very good. We have problem, Chally.
8 00551FBE Meat-cook look bad. Please, humans, Grahm don't want ruin Meat Week!
9 00551FBF Keep spin meat, keep collect wood, keep clean dirty Chally piles!
10 Chally! Maybe Chally stop drop dirty piles...? No? Okay.
11 00551FC0 Humans. Meat-cook is in trouble. Need hustle!
12 E02A_Meat_BBQ_GoodScene 00551FB8 This meat-cook look good, humans! Keep going!
13 00551FB9 Grahm think this might be best biggest meat-cook so far!
14 00551FBA This meat-cook make Grahm proud. Is true meaning of Meat Week.
15 00551FBB Chally right. This meat-cook going great!
16 E02A_Meat_BBQ_TimeRunningOutScene 00551FB4 Time almost done! Keep meat-cook meat-cooking!
17 00551FB5 No stop humans! Time almost done!
18 00551FB6 Meat-cook almost over. Keep going, humans!
19 E02A_Meat_BBQ_StartScene 00551FA9 Meat Week means meat-cook! Start now, humans!
20 00551FAA It time to start meat-cook! Every human get ready!
21 00551FAB What that Chally? Chally right: time start meat-cook. Yay, Meat Week!
22 00551FAC Meat Week... Meat Week... Meat Week! Wahaha!
23 E02A_Meat_BBQ_PrimeMeatScene 00551FA1 Wow, smell is great! Lots of meat!
24 00551FA2 Grahm think meat pile look very good! Good meat pile have many meat. This pile good.
25 00551FA3 Mmmm... Meat pile smell good. More, humans!
26 E02A_Meat_BBQ_ChallyFeedScene 00551FAE Chally look very happy! Grahm thank humans for getting Chally's special feed!
27 00551FAF Chally love feed that humans brought. Look how happy Chally is. Both heads smiling!
28 00551FB0 Grahm want thank humans for bringing Chally's special feed. Grahm never eat it, but Chally is happy.
29 005566D1 *appreciative moo*