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Gametitle-FO76 NW
Gametitle-FO76 NW
Help Grahm host a clean, delicious, and lively cookout.

Event: Grahm's Meat-Cook is an event quest in the Fallout 76 add-on Nuclear Winter. This limited time event is only available from August 1-8, 2019.

Quick walkthrough

Event Quest: Primal Cuts
Talk to Grahm for instructions.
Run a successful cookout by continuously performing the necessary tasks.
Reward: Variable, depending on results of cookout

Detailed walkthrough

When the Residents arrive at Grahm's cookout spot west of the moonshiner's shack, he will ask for their help in running the festivities. To celebrate Meat Week perfectly, the player characters must perform a number of tasks to keep up a meter displayed in the top right corner. The higher the meter, the better the rewards that are given at the end of the event.

There are three spits to the north that need to continuously be turned, and three drums to the south that need to be played. Other player characters will need to kill arriving creatures such as rad chickens, rabbits, squirrels and opossums in order to obtain critter chunks. These are deposited in a "snack cart" that is next to a cooler. Greens, plants that can be found around the cookout area, are placed in this cooler. Minor tasks such as putting out grass fires, cleaning up Chally the moo-moo's dung and removing rotten meat piles are also important to keeping the meter high.

If the player character has recently completed the event Primal Cuts, they can donate the rewarded prime meat in three batches of five, for a limit of fifteen. Chally's feed can also be donated if it is crafted - there is a cooking station in the center of the campsite. Once the timer runs out, the quest rewards are given depending on how high the meter is at the time of completion. If the meter is below the first objective, the event fails.

Quest stages

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Wait for the cookout to begin
? Help Grahm throw a successful cookoutGrahm the Super Mutant is hosting a cookout. He doesn't have a lot of experience with social gatherings, but I could help him throw a great party by keeping the camp clean, the guests fed, and the mood festive.
? (Optional) Extinguish the Brush Fires
? (Optional) Scoop Chally's Stinky Piles
? (Optional) Clean up Rotten Leftovers


  • The event resets every hour at XX:00.
  • Grahm is still available as a vendor while this event is ongoing.
  • Grahm has unique dialogue depending on how well the event went. The dialogue scales from sadness (if the event was a failure), all the way to singing and happiness if perfectly completed.
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