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FO76 Quest Old Man Winter.pngThe following is based on Fallout 76 seasonal content.
Help Grahm host a clean, delicious, and lively cookout.

Event: Grahm's Meat-Cook is a seasonal public event in Fallout 76 introduced in the Nuclear Winter update.

Quick walkthrough

Event Quest: Grahm's Meat-Cook
Talk to Grahm for instructions.
Run a successful cookout by continuously performing the necessary tasks.
Reward: Varies depending on results of cookout.

Detailed walkthrough

When the Vault Dwellers arrive at Grahm's cookout spot west of the moonshiner's shack, still within viewing distance of Vault 76, he will ask for their help in running the festivities. To celebrate Meat Week perfectly, the player characters must perform a number of tasks to keep up a meter displayed in the top right corner. The higher the meter, the better the rewards that are given at the end of the event.

To raise the meter, the player character can do several specific tasks in and around the cookout grounds:

  • Continuously turning one of the three cooking spits located on the north end of the grounds.
  • Playing one of the three drums located on a small raised stage on the southern end of the grounds.
  • Collecting critter chunks by killing and looting the various critters such as rad chickens, rabbits, squirrels and opossums around the grounds, then depositing the chunks into the "snack cart" (a shopping cart occupied by a carcass of an opossum) on the eastern side of the grounds.
  • Collecting greens from verdant green plants located in the foliage surrounding the grounds, then depositing them into the cooler on the eastern side of the grounds, next to where the critter chunks go.
  • Cleaning up rotten leftovers or Chally the moo-moo's excrement found around the grounds, represented by small greyish piles of brahmin skulls or dung piles respectively.
  • Extinguishing the sporadic brush fires near Grahm's grills, signified by blackened patches of grass on fire.
  • Dispensing five wood scraps onto the pile of kindling beside Grahm.

Fulfilling the various tasks around the cookout grounds are integral to both raising the meter as well as maintaining it. Player characters accustomed to the event can already be playing the drums or turning the cooking spits well before the event even starts to help complete it faster once the preparation objective is completed.

Additionally, if the player character has recently completed the event Primal Cuts, they can donate the rewarded prime meat in three batches of five, for a limit of fifteen for a reward of five legendary scrip for a total of fifteen by putting them in the larger Super Mutant cooking pot in the center of the area where Grahm holds the Meat-Cook or on the large open grills next to it (donating prime meat will also cause the player to experience an increasing degree of meat sweats). Chally's feed can also be donated if it is crafted - there is a cooking station in the center of the campsite, and Grahm will normally sell the recipe for it in his inventory as he can still be interacted with as a vendor during the event.

Once the timer runs out, or if the meter is completely maxed, the event will conclude. The event rewards are given depending on how high the meter is at the time of completion.

Past the first objective, the event is considered "bad performance." Past the second, the event is considered "good performance." At the meter's maximum, the event is considered "best performance."

If the meter is below the first objective, the event fails.


Bad performance Good performance Best performance
  • Meat Week default reward (1)
  • Stimpak (1)
  • Meat Week default reward (1)
  • Stimpak (1)
  • Meat Week default reward (1)

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
? Wait for the cookout to begin
? Help Grahm throw a successful cookoutGrahm the Super Mutant is hosting a cookout. He doesn't have a lot of experience with social gatherings, but I could help him throw a great party by keeping the camp clean, the guests fed, and the mood festive.
? (Optional) Extinguish the Bush Fires
? (Optional) Scoop Chally's Stinky Piles
? (Optional) Clean up Rotten Leftovers


  • The event starts at the top of every hour (at XX:00). The event restarts if the previous hour's instance was not completed.
  • Grahm is still available as a vendor while the event is ongoing. Some of the outfit pieces he can randomly award when the quest is completed might be available for purchase from his vendor inventory instead.
  • Grahm has unique dialogue depending on how well the event went. The dialogue scales from sadness (if the event was a failure), all the way to singing and happiness if perfectly completed.


This limited-time event was first available from August 1-8, 2019. The event was then made available again from September 26 to October 3, 2019. The event returned for a third time from August 20-26, 2020, and again from September 22-28, 2020.


Icon pc.png Icon ps4.png The meter may sometimes not display the correct value and appear lower than it actually is.[verified]


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