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Grahm and Chally the moo-moo's Fair Trades. We find you. You trade fair. Or die. Guaranteed.

Grahm is a friendly super mutant merchant and chef living in Appalachia with his pack brahmin companion, Chally the moo-moo.


Little is known of Grahm's history prior to 2102, other than what minute information he offers in his dialogue. He mentions someone he refers to as "Smarty," whose advice guided Grahm into becoming a merchant.[1][2]

By 2102, Grahm would be one of, if not the only, remaining live humanoids that was both sapient and friendly towards humans in Appalachia. As Dwellers of Vault 76 re-entered the world and swept into Appalachia, Grahm found much enjoyment in trading with them.

Grahm travels with 'Chally the moo-moo' (rhymes with "alley") and considers trading to be a game with the brahmin.[3] He puts a great deal of personal responsibility into the overall wellbeing of Chally and will frequently engage in one-sided conversation with her on their travels.

A long time ago during a warm day, Grahm used to spend time with his friends and cook meat. Since then, he has felt alone, remembering the old days. Due to that, Grahm decided to cook meat again for his new friends he had made across Appalachia.[4] According to Grahm, the first Meat Week was on a sunny day that made the super mutant want to spend time outside and cook. Grahm began to have more and more of these "meat days" and wanted to come up with a name for them. Eventually, after tossing out "Meat Many Days," he decided on "Meat Week."[5]

Sometime after Reclamation Day, Grahm and Chally hosted their "Meat Week" event close to Vault 76, with an express invitation toward the Vault Dwellers. Here, Grahm would prepare a grand cookout, with Dwellers assisting him in his grilling, in exchange for various prizes he'd collected through trading in the past year.

As of 2103, Grahm has become acquainted with many of the newly-arrived people in Appalachia, such as Ayla and Sofia Daguerre.[6] He is fond of stopping by the new farms and settlements that have sprung up, likely due to the new business opportunities they bring.[7] His business is well-known around Appalachia, mostly for the novelty of a super mutant who sells goods, with even the scavengers of Emmett Mountain disposal site having heard of tales of the friendly super mutant trader.[8] Maul, another super mutant, also knows Grahm.[9]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character cannot be killed.
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This character is a vendor.
  • Accepts Bottle cap
  • Sells:
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This character is involved in events.

Grahm's Meat-Cook

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This character is involved in random encounters.

Travel (all regions)



Grahm is the only source of the following items:

Plan: Domestic kitchen tables Plan: Metal picnic table Plan: Mirror ball
Plan: Park bench Plan: Radiation emitter Plan: Starburst clock
Plan: Stone benches Recipe: Chally's feed (only during Meat Week)

The following items, which can be obtained by other means, are sold only by Grahm:

Plan: Chinese officer sword Plan: Fire axe Plan: Gamma gun
Plan: Ripper Plan: Shishkebab Plan: Sledge hammer
Plan: Super sledge Plan: War drum


  • Chance to spawn at travel-type encounters throughout Appalachia.
  • While Meat Week is active, he can be found at the unmarked cookout spot southwest of Vault 76 for the full duration of the event.


  • Grahm does take damage from enemies, and can be downed, but he will never die and quickly recovers from an attack. Grahm will not respond to attacks from player characters; however, he will fight enemies that are present along his route, which can be used to the player character's benefit by leading enemies toward Grahm to fight.
  • At night, Grahm will eventually stop moving.
  • When Grahm is near Hillfolk Hotdogs, he can say that this place is familiar, the meat he smells is familiar, and meat is where the home is.
  • Julie of Appalachia Radio has been in contact with Grahm, who has repeatedly asked for songs about meat, with "Butcher Pete" being the closest one she can find.[10]


Grahm appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

Quest designer Carl McKevitt contributed to the writing of Grahm's Meat Week dialogue, though he did not create the character.[11]



  1. Grahm: "Smarty say once, "Murder is just okay. Trades? So good. Things break if you just take." Think about it."
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  2. Grahm: "Smarty said once, "Trade better than kills. Easy. Live to trade again." Think about it."
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  3. Grahm: "Moo-moo, you need good name. You remind me of... I dunno. Something. Someone. Huh. I like you, moo-moo. Gonna call you Chally. Quiet, you follow me. You a good friend. Carry my trades. Never go away, Chally. Me and you, always. Chally and Grahm, Grahm and Chally. Good friends on the road."
    (Grahm's dialogue)
  4. Grahm: "Grahm remember time, long ago. Weather get hot, go outside, cook meat. Delicious meat. Share with friends. Friends love meat and Grahm love friends. Grahm miss that. So Grahm start Meat Week. Together we meat-cook, we meat eat, we meat-share. Humans are Grahm's friends, we meat eat together. But no eat human meat. Grahm is good. Grahm don't do that."
    (Grahm's dialogue)
  5. Grahm: "Grahm tell humans story of first Meat Week. Sunny weather make Grahm want cook meat good. So Grahm do. Grahm have many meat days. Want to name it. Try "Meat Many Days." No, bad words. So Grahm think "Many days... Day... Week... Meat... Week. Grahm do Meat Week! Wahaha! That great day. Like now. Now great day. Great Meat Week."
    (Grahm's dialogue)
  6. Grahm: "Hey. Hey you. You different than the other squishies. You seem fresh. Not stinky. How so not stinky?"
    Commander Daguerre: "Oh, uh, well. Okay. Thanks? It's probably because I haven't been irradiated and soaked with all the despair yet. No doubt I'll probably start... stinking... soon though. Being in space kept me safe from a lot of things for a while."
    Grahm: "SPACE?! You're from... the MOON?! Or... the SUN?! Or... the little TWINKLES?!"
    Commander Daguerre: "The Space Station, yes, but... before it crashed. All that is in the past though --"
    Grahm: "Can you take Chally to Space? Chally want to fly someday. Grahm okay with the ground. But Chally have dreams."
    Commander Daguerre: "Uh... I haven't been able to get in touch with the USSA ---"
    Grahm: "What do Space people eat? You eat meat? Space meat?! MOON MEAT?"
    Commander Daguerre: "Moon... meat? No. I eat grains, plants, mushrooms... I don't eat meat. Wait... do you think the moon is made of meat?"
    Grahm: "Oh! Greenies. Like Chally. SEE? Chally is ready for SPACE! Chally is going to the MOON!"
    Commander Daguerre: "Er... well. I doubt that we could find a helmet ---"
    Grahm: "Chally isn't Moo-Moo for long! Soon Chally is MOON-MOON!"
    Commander Daguerre: "Why not? Dream big or don't dream at all... um. I gotta get back to... literally anything else now."
    (Grahm and Sofia Daguerre's dialogue)
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  8. Marion Copeland: "I heard there's a Super Mutant in Appalachia who's all about business. Now there's a guy with his priorities straight."
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  9. Maul: "Maul know Grahm. He have pet too, and not eat. Maul like this. Not every food goes in stomach."
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  10. Julie: "I'm told there's a certain traveling merchant out there who really, really loves meat. He's asked for songs about it and this is about as close as I can get. Enjoy! "Butcher Pete": how much should we read into this song? You make the call! You know him, you love him: here's Roy Brown, with "Butcher Pete". I'm sorry, what's that? It's a metaphor? Ohh, you don't say!"
    (Julie's dialogue)
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