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Grafton terminal entries are a series of entries found on terminals in Grafton in Fallout 76.

Grafton mayor's terminal

FO76 Grafton Mayor’s Terminal.jpg

Note: This terminal is located on the mayor's office, in the cubicle across from the Grafton mayor.

USPS v. 8.13
Office of the Mayor

This terminal and its contents are the property of Grafton Incorporated. Secure access is restricted to staff members of the office of the mayor.

Recent Bills

Bill 107b.3: New elections to be held immediately. The current mayor, Gloria McNamara has been derelict for over four years. Council vote for is 1. Against is 0.

Bill 129j.7: Election results were unanimous, 1 to 0 for the new mayor, formerly the mayor's computerized assistant.

Bill 215c.1: Transfer of the town treasury to the mayor's campaign fund. Council vote for is 1. Against is zero.

Bill 377q.3: Rename Thursday to Mayorsday. Council vote for is 1. Against is 0.

Springtime readiness

Springtime readiness plan
by Mayor McNamara

The Black Bear lodgeIn-game spelling has requested funds to upgrade their computer system. I told them they could pay for their own upgrade with all the business they do.

Wavy Willard's WaterparkIn-game spelling has requested an exemption to water runoff regulations. They are too important to the region's economy to deny this request.

Prickett's Fort needs to install a new token based admission system. After discussing my reelection campaign at length, I've agreed to support their request.

Clarksburg Shooting Range is a mess. I've asked the police to cite them. They can't open until they clean the place up.

Work order

My damn computer system is on the fritz again. It's asking for a cup of Slocum's Joe before it will produce the quarterly reports. It doesn't even have a mouth! Get someone from IT up here to look at it.

Mayor McNamara


Note: This terminal is located in the basement of Otis Pike's house, on the outskirts of town near the Grafton Station.

AppOS 7.021
All systems are A-OKAY!

Howdy Otis. What would you like to do?


Note: Accessing this entry brings one back to the main menu.

Error! date_param out of range


It's probably dumb to write this down but I gotta get my thoughts put down somewhere. So I guess this is my diary.

February 26, 2077

Now Colton and Leland have passed on. The steel mill just keeps pumping poison out. I'm not sure what to do. What can I do? I can't get other work with my back being so bad and Arthur is kin.

May 7, 2077

That cute Susy Jenkins died horrible with lumps growing inside her little body. I feel so bad for her folks. No one should have to bury a little child like that. I don't see that I have any choice. Arthur can't see past the dollar signs and doesn't give a crap about anything. People are dying.

May 14, 2077

I finally did it. I secretly told the news about what's happening here. The safety rules are ignored and kids are dying. It's not right.

June 28, 2077

Hoooooooo boy! I stirred up the hornet nest. There's protestors and reporters and all kind of people camping outside the steel works now. They're blocking the trucks and such. They're real riled up.

July 2, 2077

The soldiers came and cleared those folks out and posted guards with guns. Arthur was laughing about it today talking about those commie whiners getting what's coming to them. I guess I gotta try something else to make things right.

August 14, 2077

Got fired today and booted off the premises. Said they knew I was helping the protestors. Guess being kin didn't matter. Arthur didn't even talk to me himself. I guess I have to find another way.


Received Correspondence

Accessing records ...


From: KidSecure Customer Support
Sent: August 23, 2077
To: Otis Pike
Subject: RE: Tracking feature

Dear Mr. Otis Pike,
I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've been experiencing with your son's KidSecure. Only an authorized adult that's been added to the account can remove the bracelet. We keep your kid secure! I've attached the override instructions as you requested. Please let us know if you have further questions.

Dam Safety Inquiry

Note: Accessing this entry advances the quest Cold Case, giving the player character the objective to search Grafton Dam.

From: Grafton Dam
Sent: August 12, 2077
To: Otis Pike
Subject: RE: Dam Safety Inquiry

Mr. Pike,

I'm happy to assure you that Grafton Dam is an amazing marvel of technological achievement. We have found that humans make too many mistakes so other than a remote oversight capability the Grafton Dam is fully automated. I would be happy to arrange a tour for you if you are interested further?

Quinton Geesey
Community Outreach Manager


From: Arthur Wood, Grafton Steel
Sent: August 27, 2077
To: Otis Pike
Subject: RE: Kin?

No. Just, no. We aren't related you and I. Molly was the love of my life and while she lived I had to deal with your crap. What were you thinking trying to screw me over with the protestors at the dam. You tried to take advantage of my memory of your sister. The hell with you.

Freddy likes you. I can't prevent the Kid Secure from letting you locate him since Molly trusted you as a guardian. Just go away Otis.