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This is a transcript for dialogue with Grafton mayor.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0007A2DA 00578271 Unfortunately, you are a wee bit early for tourist season.
2 But this is your lucky day. Help us get ready for the upcoming flood of eager tourists, and I'll knock a whole 5% off the cost of all attractions!
3 00146807 0014B9AC You must be new to our community. Be sure to register to vote! Chipper, upbeat
4 0014B9AD You'll need a variety of components to make all those repairs. Be sure to scrounge around for them. Chipper, upbeat
5 0014B9AF My systems check shows that Wavy Willard's Waterpark is still out of commission. Chiding, like a parent to a young child, trying to be encouraging while actually scolding
6 0014B9B0 How can we open up for business if the Clarksburg Shooting Range isn't ready? Golly gee wilikers. Chipper, upbeat, trying to scold with a big smile.
7 0014B9B9 Hmm. Prickett's Fort is still non-responsive. Better get out there. Concerned, but still upbeat. Encouraging him to get out there.
8 0014B9BB Black Bear Lodge isn't going to get itself ready. Go on. Get out there. Big smile, poke in the side with your elbow, far to chipper and upbeat
9 0030A73A 0043410F You are listening to WGRF, Grafton Radio. I am your host, the mayor of Grafton.
10 Okay. Is anybody listening? Anybody? That's what I thought.
11 Well, if anyone does hear this, come see me at city hall.
12 I have something to... nevermind. Just come see me. Right away. As in now, or sooner.
13 003C30E4 003C30E5 Welcome to Grafton! I bet you weren't expecting a computer to be Grafton's mayor. Baseball play by play announcer. Roll and stretch the R in the first Grrrrrafton
14 0057825D 00578274 My sensors detect that everything is 100% ready for business.
15 Your contributions will never be forgotten. As a small footnote. In my auto-biography.
16 0057825E 00578270 The prestigious Black Bear Lodge. I'm sure the Huntmaster can issue hunting license for deer and such.
17 Deer are still a thing, right? I don't get out much.
18 0057825F 0057826F The majestic Prickett's Fort. So very, very 100% historical.
19 00578260 0057826E Good job getting the Shooting Range presentable.
20 I have a feeling these days everyone would be up for some good old target practice.
21 00578261 00578275 I cannot wait to see all those Seventy-Sixers having the time of their lives at Wavy Willards.
22 But tell them to be careful of the Ssslither.
23 A few kids allegedly flew right off the slide.
24 Maybe have everyone sign a waiver first?
25 00578262 00578273 There is a flood of new visitors to the area. Just like you. And that means revenue.
26 Don't you worry, I don't expect you to do this for free. I'm sure I can find a suitable reward. Somewhere.
27 00578264 0057826D Every single one of them. But I tell you, being Mayor is a far easier task that way.
28 You should see my approval numbers.
29 00578266 00578272 Well, aren't you perceptive. I hope you aren't aiming for higher office.
30 00578268 0007A2DB I used to be the mayor's assistant, but when he stopped showing up for work, I ran for office. Proud of his step up in the world.
31 I'm eminently qualified and the town unanimously elected me, one to zero. proud of his accomplishment
32 0057826A 0057826C We have four major attractions around here, Wavy Willard's, the Clarksburg Shooting Range, Prickett's Fort, and the Black Bear hunting lodge.
33 Go out there and get each of them ready. I'll wait here. Because I don't have legs. And I can't move.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
18 0014351D Protesters. Oh how I hate them. Low timber, like "Newman!" when Jerry Seinfeld has been thwarted. Supreme disdain.
19 0014351E Civil disobedience should be against the law. I'll draft a statute. Pompous outrage. dramatic switch to cheerful as he has a brilliant idea.
20 0014351F Those protesters better not damage my campaign office. I'm warning you
21 0025C093 This is your mayor speaking. This is an unauthorized protest march. Pompous, a little outrage
22 0025C094 This assembly lacks the proper permits. Please come to my office to fill out the paperwork. Matter-of-fact, as if this were the most minor of issues.
23 0025C095 Grafton Steel is a very important regional employer. I'm sure we can sit down and discuss all of your concerns. Pleading, but confident that this will work.
24 0025C096 I know you have concerns about working conditions, but the rate of death and disability is within Appalachia Territory designated limits. Dismissive at first, then cheerfully man-splaining
25 0025C097 I'm not authorized to negotiate, but what if they added vending machines to the break room? Wait, I just had the most brilliant idea since the Theory of Relativity
26 0025C09C If you stand down now, I would be willing to make a substantial donation to the widows and orphans fund. Pleading and enticing at the same time.
27 002F16AF There's one on your left. No, your other left! Nevermind. Just shoot anything that moves. First sentence, quick warning. Rest is rushed and irritated
28 002F16B0 I assume we can keep this just between us? My poll numbers are shaky as it is.
29 002F16B1 I don't know what they think to gain by protesting. Grafton Steel is one of my biggest contributors. Extreme disbelief and genuine confusion. How could any sane person ascribe bad behavior to one of HIS donators?
30 002F16B2 That's it! Put them down like rabid dogs! Gleeful
31 002F16B3 Two free tickets to Wavy Willard's for anyone that helps out. Wait, I'm out of tickets. A hearty handshake then. Baseball play by play announcer. Middle sentence is to himself, then back to chipper and upbeat, like a handshake is winning an Oscar
32 TW006_EBSTopic 002F16B4 Attention. This is Grafton's mayor with a priority message. Baseball play by play announcer. Stretch and roll the R, Grrrrrafton. Last two phrases are softer, dismissive.
33 Workers are planning an illegal protest here in Grafton. Astounded, outraged
34 I hearby deputized any and all armed citizens to quell this impending riot. Solemn, a bit sanctimonious
35 Grafton Steel is a major contributor to my campaign and therefore could not possibly be guilty of everything the protesters are saying. shocked, I tell you, shocked. Defensive
36 002F16B5 We have another riot here in Grafton folks. Grab your guns and shoot yourself some illegal protestors. Baseball play by play announcer. Stretch and roll the R in Grrrrafton. Last line is gleeful
37 The sheriff and his deputies are all off fishing. You can't be arrested for what they don't see. Wink and nod, with a big grin
38 002F16B6 Another gol durn protest is about to take place here in Grafton. Falsely folksy, like a corny politician. Roll the R a bit on Grafton.
39 Apparently my frank and open meeting with Grafton Steel's management just wasn't enough for these ungrateful mill workers.
40 There is a full pardon waiting for anyone that helps put down this impending riot.
41 002F16B7 Dag nabit! Those Grafton Steel mill workers are rioting again. 1950's father trying not to swear for real. A bit of disbelief and outrage.
42 The sheriff is getting his chassis buffed and waxed, so I'm deputizing anyone that can hear this. Chipper and upbeat. This is the silver bullet that will solve all problems
43 Kill those blasted protestors before they bring down our property values! Incensed, outraged
44 003EB316 Riot in Grafton's streets! That's what the headlines will read. Disbelief, outrage, worried
45 We can't let that happen. My polls numbers would plummet! Worst thing he can think of ever happening
46 I want every one of those protestors eliminated. Chipper and upbeat as if he were only asking you to politely escort them from the premises.
47 003C47C8 This protest is getting out of hand. I'm sending in riot troops. Last sentence said confidently like this is guaranteed to solve all problems with zero chance of failure.
48 I hope you don't mind a little friendly fire. Their enemy identification protocols might be damaged. chipper and upbeat while being falsely apologetic


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
10 0022DAFA 00249129 I knew this parade was a bad idea. The city council forced it on me I tell you.
11 Fortunately our brave visitors were there to stop the Grafton Monster's rampage. Well done!
12 0022DB00 0022DB69 Hey! No need to harm the town mascot! A little property damage is to be expected at an event like this. Shocked and outraged. Last sentence indignant and defensive.
13 003BDC45 No shooting at the Grafton Monster, even if he is getting a bit rowdy. Admonishing, like a parent to a child that took an extra cookie.
14 003BDC46 Did you just shoot at the town mascot? That's extremely rude. Shock and surprise, followed by deeply offended.
15 0022DB49 0022DB6F Onlookers are asked to be careful. The Grafton Monster can get... frisky. Chipper, upbeat. "frisky" is a bit apologetic and embarrassed
16 003BDC39 I encourage you to watch the parade from a safe distance. The Grafton Monster can be... unpredictable. Chipper, upbeat. A little stretch and roll on the R in Grrrafton. A bit apologetic and embarrassed for "unpredictable"
17 003BDC3A The Grafton Monster's robot handlers are there to keep him safe. Baseball play by play announcer. A little stretch and roll on the R in Grrrafton.
18 0030A73C 0022DB75 This is Grafton's mayor speaking to everyone in the valley.
19 It's Grafton Day! We are celebrating our town and it's beloved mascot, the Grafton Monster.
20 He may look scary, but I assure you his robot handlers have him completely under control.
21 Come join the parade! Spend your money! And make sure to donate to my reelection campaign.
22 0022DB98 This is Grafton's mayor with a priority message. It's Grafton Day again!
23 The Grafton Monster and his robot handlers are on parade.
24 Everyone loves a parade. Well, not the Grafton Monster. He gets grumpy. That's why he has handlers.
25 003EB31D It's Grafton Day in Grafton! We tried to hold it in Clarksville one year, but it just wasn't the same.
26 As Grafton's mayor, I'm organizing a parade featuring the Grafton Monster and his robot handlers.
27 Come see the pageantry. Spend your money. Keep well back from his fists though.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
59 TWZ13EBSTopic 00042831 This is Grafton's Mayor speaking to anyone who can hear me. Can anyone hear me? Hello? As I was saying... Baseball play by play announcer. Chipper and upbeat. Stretch and roll the R in Grrrrrrafton.
60 The curator at Prickett's Fort has made an archeological discovery. He needs your help.
61 Seems he dug up another soldier. He needs a proper burial at the battlefield cemetery. The soldier that is. Not the curator. Chipper and upbeat. Quieter on the unnecessary explanation.
62 001CBA2F Grafton's Mayor here. We have a catastrophe on our hands.
63 The very expensive Prickett's Fort renovation has hit a snag. I need that attraction to open without any bad press.
64 Apparently they found a the remains of a civil war soldier during construction.
65 Well, probably from the civil war. It's from some war, that much I'm certain of. Let's just all agree it's a civil war soldier, shall we?
66 Anywho, someone needs to give those remains a nice anonymous burial in Philippi Battlefield Cemetery. And by someone, I mean you.
67 003EB314 This is Grafton's Mayor. Of course you know that. Who else would it be? Baseball play by play announcer. Chipper and upbeat. Stretch and roll the R in Grrrrrrafton. Smug, self satisfied
68 It seems another body has been discovered at Prickett's Fort. Said with a big sigh
69 Can't let the poor fellow just sit in a box. Go get those remains and bury them at the battlefield cemetery. Chipper and upbeat
70 003EB315 This is Grafton's Mayor. I need you to get up to Prickett's Fort. Baseball play by play announcer. Chipper and upbeat. Stretch and roll the R in Grrrrrrafton.
71 Yet another set of remains has been unearthed.
72 We need to honor that soldier by giving him a proper burial at the battlefield cemetery. Falsely patriotic, like a bad politician


# Editor ID Form ID Response Text Script Notes
73 00143522 Welcome to Grafton! Best little city in all of Appalachia.
74 00143523 I'm up for reelection soon. Be sure to donate to my campaign.
75 00143524 Don't mind the mess. I'm having my office redecorated.
76 TW005_RadioIntro 0052EF9A You are listening to WGRF, Grafton radio! I am your host, the mayor of Grafton. Hyped up, excited. Growl the word "Grafton"
77 Okay, is anybody listening? Anybody? That's what I thought. Hopeful, then hopes dashed
78 Well, if anyone ever does hear this, please come see me at city hall. Chin up, back to optimistic.
79 I have something... nevermind. Just come see me. Right away. As in now. Or sooner. Last two sentences a touch of pleading


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0030A738 00042832 This is Grafton's mayor. Mayor for life that is! Politician, snake oil salesman. Trying to make this sound like an "opportunity."
2 Our wonderful tourist industry has a problem that I'm hoping someone out there can help me fix.
3 Barrels of toxic sludge are popping up in Grafton Lake. Horrendous! No-one will want to swim there if they see those.
4 We don't have the funds to really clean up the lake, so I need you to make sure nobody sees them.
5 And I know just the place to dump them. That's what they get for failing to endorse me.
6 00042833 This is Grafton's mayor calling on all Grafton Park Rangers! We have a toxic spill situation.
7 That damn lake has coughed up more barrels of toxic waste. Get rid of them.
8 003E8C81 Can anybody hear me? I'm never really sure. Anyway, this is Grafton's mayor.
9 Someone reported barrels of toxic sludge floating in the lake. Very unsightly.
10 So get rid of them. Or at least make it so nobody can see them.
11 003E8C82 This is Grafton's mayor. Stand by for an important announcement.
12 There have been complaints about barrels of toxic sludge by the lake.
13 Personally I think the glow looks lovely reflecting off the oil slicks. But the tourists don't agree with me.
14 So let's clean the place up a bit, shall we?


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 001421DC 0014220E This is Grafton's Mayor speaking to anyone who can hear me. Baseball play by play announcer. Chipper and upbeat. Stretch and roll the R in Grrrrrrafton.
2 I have a bit of an emergency. Bleach dogwoods are dying off all over the area. This is the most insignificant problem in the history of problems
3 How can we hold the Bleach Dogwood festival without any of these magnificent flowering trees? Incensed and outraged
4 I need someone to spread fertilizer for those poor trees. I'm giving you the gift of being allowed to help me. No, no, it's quite alright.
5 003EB31A This is Grafton's Mayor speaking. If you're out there, pay attention. Baseball play by play announcer. Chipper and upbeat. Stretch and roll the R in Grrrrrrafton.
6 Our bleach dogwoods are refusing to bloom. It makes the whole valley look so dreary. Irritated and outraged
7 Get out there and spread fertilizer for those poor trees. Well, what are you waiting for? Pause before the last sentence, a bit of irritation and scolding in it.
8 003EB31B This is Grafton's Mayor speaking. Well, broadcasting actually. Anyway... Baseball play by play announcer. Chipper and upbeat. Stretch and roll the R in Grrrrrrafton. Unnecessary explanation, oops I got sidetracked
9 It seems our bleach dogwoods are suffering. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. Or it would if I had eyes. Pious. Crocodile tears being shed. An overly dramatic politician.
10 I personally authorized not doing anything about the proliferation of those dogwoods. Proudly taking credit for something he had nothing to do with
11 Let's go spread some fertilizer for the poor things. Cheerleader


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0030A737 0030A73D This is Grafton's Mayor speaking to anyone who can hear me. Baseball play by play announcer. Chipper and upbeat. Stretch and roll the R in Grrrrrafton.
2 Our area seems to have a bit of a crustacean crisis. Any problem is really an opportunity in disguise
3 It's breeding season again and we've got mirelurks coming out of the woodwork. They all seem to be heading toward the lake. A bit too worked up
4 Stop them before they can breed with the queen. Otherwise we'll be up to our ears in Mirelurks!
5 003EB310 Testing, testing. Is this thing on? Oh, it is. This is Grafton's Mayor. First two sentences, talking to himself. Last line Baseball play by play announcer. Stretch and roll the R in Grrrrrrafton. Cheerful
6 Our lovely valley is in a bit of a pinch. Think crab claws. Big ones. Baseball play by play announcer. Go bigger for the last sentence
7 Mirelurks are heading to the island in Grafton lake to breed. A little stretch an roll on the R in Grrrafton. Incensed, elevated
8 Don't let them call the queen. You know what will happen then. A friendly warning, like "wear your hat and mittens when you go outside"
9 003EB311 This is Grafton's Mayor hailing you from lovely downtown Grafton. Baseball play by play announcer. Chipper, upbeat. Stretch and roll the R in first Grrrrrafton.
10 If I'm sounding crabby, it's because giant crab creatures are swarming all over our picturesque lake. Incensed, outraged, clearly NOT crabby.
11 I'm looking for a few brave souls to play exterminator. Stop them from getting to the island. We can't have them breeding. Sanctimonious, followed by ominous warning