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The Grafton mayor is an AI in Appalachia in 2102, similar in design to MAIA. He is still active in the town with the return of humans to Appalachia in 2103.


The former computerized assistant to the actual mayor of Grafton, the Grafton mayor elected himself to the position after the Great War in a 1-0 vote, as the previous mayor "stopped showing up to work."[1] He is the voice of WGRF Grafton and can be heard broadcasting during various daily quests such as Grafton Day.

Grafton's last human mayor, Gloria McNamara, noted the computer had become increasingly erratic before the war, asking for a cup of coffee before it would produce reports, "even though it doesn't have a mouth!"[2]

The Grafton Mayor and his servant robots are unaware of the occurrence of the Great War. He is fervently obsessed with keeping Grafton's traditions and tourism industry intact and tasks the player character to perform several maintenance tasks in the quest Bureau of Tourism, in anticipation of a large number of tourists in the near future, despite most of humanity having been wiped out.

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  • The Grafton mayor, as a mayoral assistant, is a MAIA (Mayoral Artificially Intelligent Assistant), sharing the same model as the MAIA in Watoga.
  • Despite Gloria McNamara being the last human mayor of Grafton, in dialogue the Grafton mayor refers to their preceding mayor as male.


The Grafton mayor appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


  1. Grafton mayor: "I used to be the mayor's assistant, but when he stopped showing up for work, I ran for office. I'm eminently qualified and the town unanimously elected me, one to zero. Unfortunately, you are a wee bit early for tourist season. But this is your lucky day. Help us get ready for the upcoming flood of eager tourists, and I'll knock a whole 5% off the cost of all attractions! We have four major attractions around here, Wavy Willard's, the Clarksburg Shooting Range, Prickett's Fort, and the Black Bear hunting lodge. Go out there and get each of them ready. I'll wait here. Because I don't have legs. And I can't move."
    (Grafton mayor's dialogue)
  2. Grafton terminal entries; Grafton mayor's terminal, Work order
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