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The Grafton Steel yard is a location in the Toxic Valley region of Appalachia. It is adjacent to Grafton Steel. It is a public workshop with claim, defend, and retake events.


The usable workshop area occupies the southern end of the steel mill, from the retaining wall to the west to the highway to the east. It has a sizable construction area and offers resource deposits for food (2), water (2), steel (4), and lead, copper, and oil (1 each) which can be extracted by building mineral extractors. The steel yield can be misleading, because the workshop only contains 2 steel nodes. The steel extractors both have double yield, hence the 4. There is also a vertibot landing pad that can be repaired and will generate Vertibot signal grenades that can be used to call a vertibot to help defend the workshop during attacks. Most types of crafting stations can be found just north of the workshop area in the various buildings that make up Grafton Steel.

Notable loot

  • Repair plan - Holotape, on a desk, next to a terminal, in the Rolling Mill building.
  • Ten vertibot signal grenades - Can be found in a crate on the landing pad (the landing pad may need to be repaired first).


Grafton Steel yard appears only in Fallout 76.