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The Grafton Steel infiltrator's note is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Wastelanders.


The note is given to the player character by Ra-Ra while in Grafton Steel Underground during the quest Fun and Games.


Things I expected:
-Robots. Lots of security robots. The pulse explosives are handy.
-Grafton Steel is way bigger than anyone thought.
-The U.S. federal government has a major interest in keeping this location secure.
-These ducts are a little tight for a full grown man.
-The sound of machinery drowns out any sound I make in here.

Things I didn't expect:
-Climbing through vents is harder than anticipated.
-No real secrets here. It's just a steel mill, but why so secure?
-Opening vents trips security alarms.
-The ventilation ducts narrow in places.
-I'd have to leave the pulse explosives behind in the wider sections of the vents because the bag wouldn't fit.
-I'd be able to reach paper and a pen, but not anything that could help get me unstuck.
-I'd start dying of dehydration long before starving off enough weight to get unstuck.
-That my last words would be in the form of a bulletpointed list.