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Grafton Steel Underground is a location connected to Grafton Steel in the Toxic Valley region of Appalachia.


Much of the Grafton Steel mill's production and research occurred underground, in this portion of the mill. The work environment was noted to be uncomfortably hot[1] and accidents were common,[2] while employee suggestions went largely ignored by the management.[3]

As part of Grafton Steel's war contract with the United States government, the mill was given a grant to pursue research into increasing the mill's steel yield, as well as developing new military-grade steel alloys.[4] The grant also led to the installation of automated security within the Underground, as well as increased work hours for its employees.[5]

Three projects were underway by the time of the Great War: Projects Phoenix, Adamantine and Vulcan. Inspired by Garrahan Mining's excavator power armor, Phoenix focused on creating civilian power armor designed to withstand high temperatures in order to service machinery without shutting down production. It was the only project with material progress by the time of the Great War, with a finished prototype helmet.[6] Adamantine was a provision by a military administrator for approving the grant, who requested the mill develop a new super-steel alloy while refusing to accept existing alternatives.[7] Vulcan aimed to boost the efficiency of the mill's steel forges, though its exact plan was still unknown.[8]


Grafton Steel Underground is a linear complex explored in its entirety during the quest Fun and Games. It is a series of large areas connected by smaller hallways and tunnels, divided into three main sectors based on security keycards and passwords: Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. The complex is filled with security robots of all types, ranging from Protectrons to Assaultrons and even a sentry bot.

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Grafton Steel Underground appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.

Behind the scenes[]

Developers who worked on the design of this location include level designer Orion Burcham and world artist Russell Rector.[Non-game 1]