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The Grafton Pawn Shop is an unmarked location in the town of Grafton in Appalachia. It is situated across from the Grafton church.


A pawn shop owned by Flavia Stabo, this building was the headquarters for her Vigilant Citizen operation and her plans to infiltrate Vault 79. The building is instanced and allows the player character to assemble the clues she has left behind and attempt to break their way into the vault.


The pawn shop contains a door that requires the player character to leave their current party, if they are in one, to access it.[1] The pawn shop has a grey door in the front instead of being boarded up, it also has a yellow sign saying "Pawn Shop - Buy - Sell - Trade." There is also a tree fallen in the front where one can climb it all the way to the top. There is a counter and a small office behind the counter.

One first enters the customer area of the pawn shop, which has several rows of shelves. To the left are a stairwell, a small bathroom, and a workshop area. The stairwell leads to Flavia Stabo's apartment above the shop. The apartment has a slightly sunken area with two chalkboards showing Flavia's work on finding the treasure. The chalkboard on the south wall of this work area appears to have nothing on it until a UV light is turned on. When this is done, words appear on the wall above the chalkboard (clues to the locations of the codes to the Vault 79 elevator):

    -Gasman         -The Meat
         -Spelunker  -Teach

The chalkboard below the words allows for the placement of the six mysterious map fragments to make the treasure map for Vault 79. Note: be sure to write the codes down; they will not be preserved if you log off and log back in.

Notable loot[]


  • As with all instanced locations, if the player is part of a public or private team, they will be given the option to enter the location as the team lead, to assist the team lead, or to enter solo (depending on the player's role in the party).
  • The map code fragments are completely random for each player character.
  • There is a togglable floodlight that turns on a UV light that shows the words Cryptid, The Meat, Spelunker, Gasman, Teach, and Halo. These are clues to the locations of the various mysterious map fragments, with "Cryptid" being the Mothman Museum, "The Meat" being The General's Steakhouse, "Spelunker" being Uncanny Caverns, "Gasman" being the Red Rocket Mega Stop, "Teach" being Morgantown High School and "Halo" being Haven Church.


The Grafton Pawn Shop appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.



  1. W05_RE_GraftonPawnShopLoadDoorMessage: You must leave your current team to enter this door.