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Attend the Grafton Day parade.

Event: Grafton Day is an event quest in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough

Grafton Day will be randomly selected to begin by the server, and will be marked on the map for 30 minutes. The event will be initiated if a player character enters the area before the timer expires. Once Grafton Day is initiated, the Grafton mayor will announce the start of the Grafton Day celebratory parade, spawning a Grafton Monster along with several eyebots, Protectrons and Mister Handies at the south gate.

Although the mayor claims that the Grafton Monster is "perfectly safe," it will attack. The Grafton Monster and its robot handlers will attack anything in the area, including the super mutants that inhabit the city. In order to complete the event, the Grafton Monster must be killed. Avoiding the Grafton Monster and "watching the parade" will cause the quest to fail when the timer expires.

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Watch the ParadeGrafton's mayor has announced Grafton Day. The Grafton Monster will be marching in a "parade." Nothing good can come from this.
Kill the Grafton Monster
I killed the Grafton Monster that was rampaging in Grafton.



  • The quest objective "Watch the Parade" will be replaced with "Kill the Grafton Monster" once a player character has dealt damage to the Grafton Monster.
  • Watching the parade and not killing the Grafton Monster will cause the event to fail when the timer expires.