Grafton is a town in the Toxic Valley region of Appalachia in 2102.


Grafton was built on the shores of the Tygart Valley River, and Grafton Steel was the center of economic development for Grafton. Prior to the Great War, it was a shipping hub thanks to having both railroad and water access.


Heading into town facing north from the nearby train station, the path leads onto West Boyd Street. There is a small black house with a mattress and some junk items, and, further up the road, there is a stone warehouse with a chemistry station inside. Ahead of it are a couple of tents with ballot printers strewn about. A ruined train yard is found on the west side of the city; some of the boxcars can be looted and there is a fusion generator next to a shed. Past an intersection, there are more inaccessible buildings like a church and breakfast restaurant. One shop with a number of boxes on its first floor can be entered, with small apartments above it. There are holes in the wall on the third floor that lead out to the rooftops, one of which has an oil slick trap with a frag mine in its center. This area leads to other destroyed buildings, including one with a ledge that a super mutant uses as a camp, complete with a cooking station.

The end of West Boyd Street meets with Beech Street, also the location of the Grafton Police Department. It can only be entered from a breach in the back of the building that leads to a jail cell. A car has crashed into the room with the front desk, while the second floor is used for storage. More rooftops can be accessed from here, the last of which has an ammo box and a mattress, as well as various alcohol bottles.

Moving north on Beech Street, there is a large alleyway to the left where much of the fighting during the Protest March event takes place. A building with a voting booth set up inside can be entered from here, and a floor safe can be found among the rubble behind its front desk. Its second and third floors also have apartments, the former of which was the home of Darius Angler. It also connects to two other buildings with scaffolding that overlook Main Street.

On Main Street is a Responders trading post, the home of vendor bot Greg, as well as two more entrances to the voting building. The mayor's office can be found at its intersection with Beech Street. The first floor has a reception and meeting area, alongside an unlocked safe behind a desk. The Grafton mayor is on the second floor next to an office with a terminal and safe, as well as an overseer's cache and a staircase to the roof.

Continuing down Main Street leads to Grafton High School, which also has a voting station in its gymnasium. A set of double doors in the gym opens to an equipment closet with many kickballs and baseball items. While the school's classrooms are mostly empty, there are many lockers to be looted on the first floor. Outside, there is a football field with two more equipment rooms, one of which is locked. A tinker's workbench can be found inside a bus directly east of the high school building.

While Main Street continues on to a bridge out of town, heading west leads to an unspecified, shorter road with a few boarded up homes. Behind the end of this street is the town's toxic river. A bridge back on Beech Street leads to another residential part of town across this river, which notably has a gas station with a booby-trapped convenience store next to it. There is little else to be found on this side of the city, aside from another election tent with ammo inside.

The southern outskirts of Grafton are home to Francis Street and West Wilford Street; both are also residential areas. There is a post-War campsite between the two roads, and it has a cooking station in it. West Wilford has the only home that can be entered in this zone - Otis Pike's old house, which has a kitchen on its first floor and a bedroom in the second. The basement has a bit of storage, a jukebox and Otis' terminal. There is one other house overlooking the high school football field, not part of any road, though it is mostly sunken and cannot be entered.

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Grafton appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenesEdit

Grafton is based on the real-world town of Grafton, West Virginia, known in West Virginia folklore as being home to the Grafton monster.


Playstation 4Icon ps4 Xbox OneIcon xboxone The pool table on the second floor of the police station may de-spawn, causing the skeleton and items on top of it to float in midair until pushed into.[verified]


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