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For the restaurant on the New Vegas Strip, see The Gourmand.

The Gourmands were a gang of raiders located in Appalachia. Like the other four gangs, they were wiped out by a combination of radiation and the Scorched Plague.


One of five raider gangs that formed in the Savage Divide, the Gourmands formed a pact with the other four gangs to share spoils and protect against the more law and order factions, like the Responders. The Gourmands are noted as being cannibals.

After they relocated to Bolton Greens, the gang fell into infighting when it was discovered the then leader Morris Stevens had started eating fellow members.[1] After Morris was relieved of his leadership position, he and his wife, Edie Stevens, moved away to live inside the wendigo cave, where he subsequently ate her.[2]

Members of the Gourmands frequently attempted to use human flesh in place of caps with raider vendor bots, to the point where a message specifically telling Gourmands it wouldn't be accepted was programmed into them.[3]

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The Gourmands are mentioned only in Fallout 76.


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