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I'm Lieutenant Gorobets, First Recon. If you're looking to collect a bounty, you should talk to Major Dhatri.

Lieutenant Gorobets is an NCR Army officer in the 1st Recon stationed at Camp McCarran in 2281.


Gorobets is a competent NCR trooper in charge of 1st Recon Alpha Team deployed in the Mojave. He will direct the Courier to Major Dhatri if they are interested in collecting bounties.

Interactions with the player character

Interaction overview

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This character starts quests.
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Effects of player's actions

Upon completing the Driver Nephi portion of the Three-Card Bounty quest by claiming Nephi's bounty, the entire 1st Recon moves to Camp Forlorn Hope to help with the Legion at Nelson. Gorobets can then be found inside the Camp Forlorn Hope command center.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
NCR mantle armor
1st Recon beret
Hunting rifle


  • Upon completing the Cook-Cook portion of the Three-Card Bounty quest, after moving to Camp Forlorn Hope, Lt. Gorobets will reward one with 300 caps.
  • Gorobets will notice if the Courier is wearing the 1st Recon beret. He will make a comment about how it looks good on them before they speak to him.
  • If Lieutenant Gorobets dies during Three-Card Bounty, 10 of Spades will comment on his death, saying no one could replace him.
  • If he does not die, he will often be crippled by mines and be found hobbling back to Camp McCarran.


Lieutenant Gorobets appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes

On Formspring, Joshua Sawyer commented that Gorobets' ancestors were Ukrainian.