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I'm Lieutenant Gorobets, First Recon. If you're looking to collect a bounty, you should talk to Major Dhatri.

Lieutenant Gorobets is an NCR Army officer in charge of First Recon's Alpha Team, stationed at Camp McCarran in Fallout: New Vegas.


As his name suggests, Gorobets is descended from a family of Ukrainians who immigrated to America in centuries past.[Non-game 1] Like many other sharpshooters in the NCR Army, he was recruited from the farm he grew up on.[1] Gorobets has practiced shooting ever since he was old enough to walk, as life on the frontier is tough and dangerous, making good marksmanship essential to survival. He handpicked his squad for their ability and holds everyone, including himself, to a very high standard.[2]

At the present, he is stuck at Camp McCarran, coordinating sniper teams that hold the Fiends at bay. His only problem is the absence of people "brave" enough out to lure prominent Fiend leaders like Driver Nephi out from hiding.[3] Weeks of fighting the chem-addled raiders have taken the toll on his squad, particularly Corporal Betsy, whose behavior has been steadily worsening ever since her encounter with Cook-Cook. Gorobets could discipline her, but he prefers for his troops to seek professional help instead of being forced to hide their problems.[4]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interaction overview[]

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  • I Don't Hurt Anymore: Gorobets is worried about Corporal Betsy and wants her to get help. The player can offer to convince Betsy to seek counseling for her PTSD.
  • Three-Card Bounty: Gorobets and his team will gladly use the player as willing bait to lure Driver Nephi out. He will also pay 300 caps for killing Cook-Cook. Finally, after the quest is successfully completed, he and the rest of the unit ship out to Camp Forlorn Hope.
    • If he is killed during the hunt for Driver Nephi, the other members of the squad will comment on losing him. They will miss their commanding officer.

Effects of player's actions[]

Upon completing the Driver Nephi portion of the Three-Card Bounty quest by claiming Nephi's bounty, Alpha Team moves to Camp Forlorn Hope to help with the Legion at Nelson. Gorobets can then be found inside the Camp Forlorn Hope command center.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
NCR mantle armor
1st Recon beret
Hunting rifle


  • Upon completing the Cook-Cook portion of the Three-Card Bounty quest, after moving to Camp Forlorn Hope, Lieutenant Gorobets will reward one with 300 caps.
  • Gorobets will notice if the Courier is wearing the 1st Recon beret. He will make a comment about how it looks good on them before they speak to him.
  • If Lieutenant Gorobets dies during Three-Card Bounty, 10 of Spades will comment on his death, saying no one could replace him.
  • If he does not die, he will often be crippled by mines and be found hobbling back to Camp McCarran.
  • In Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, Gorobets is named as "Lt Gorobets" on the packaging of the NCR: Top Brass set. However, the unit card uses the unabbreviated "Lieutenant Gorobets" as the name of the unit.

Notable quotes[]

  • "I'm Lieutenant Gorobets, First Recon. If you're looking to collect a bounty, you should talk to Major Dhatri."


Lieutenant Gorobets appears in Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

Behind the scenes[]



  1. The Courier: "How long have you been a sharpshooter?"
    10 of Spades: "Shit. Long as I can r-r-remember. Had a rifle in my hand since I was three, that's what my dad always says. Learned to shoot on our ranch. Way west of here. Same as the LT, he's a f-farm kid too."
    (10 of Spades' dialogue)
  2. The Courier: "How good is your squad?"
    Gorobets: "I've been sniping since I was old enough to walk. Lot of us sharpshooters get recruited off the farms and ranches out west. Comes natural to us. As for my squad - they're the best we have. My word on that. They're all hand-picked, and I won't work with anybody who isn't up to snuff. 10 of Spades is the greenest of the bunch, but he's a farmboy, like me. Shooting's in his blood."
    (Gorobets' dialogue)
  3. The Courier: "Where is Lt. Gorobets?"
    Dhatri: "Out in the yard. Gorobets coordinates our sniper teams. He's been gunning for Nephi for weeks now. Only thing he hasn't had is willing bait. Don't have enough troops to order anyone beyond the fence. Not anymore, anyway."
    (Dhatri's dialogue)
  4. The Courier: "What's wrong with Betsy?"
    Gorobets: "Cook-Cook, one of the fiends, ambushed her and Ten of Spades. They both managed to escape, but not before Cook-Cook raped her. Betsy's shrugged it off like it was nothing, but her behavior keeps getting worse - always making passes at every woman who wanders by. It's inappropriate for anyone in First Recon to behave that way. I could discipline her, but I'd rather she get medical help."
    (Gorobets' dialogue)


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