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This here's Goodsprings. Named after the water we got here, just down the road to the southeast. Goodsprings Source, they call it.Doc Mitchell

The Goodsprings source is a location in the Mojave Wasteland. It is located south-southeast of Goodsprings and serves as its purified water supply.


The rocky terrain of this location separates its features into smaller sub-areas. There is a lower area consisting of a campground with a place to sleep and an upper area marked by four separate water troughs visible by nearby windmills. Three troughs are functional and one has been destroyed. Beyond the water sources, an overlook provides a view of the land beyond to the south. There are several containers of different types around the location which contain random loot.

During the tutorial mission with Sunny Smiles, the water trough area is home to several geckos, moreso than if visiting at a later date. A fully repaired shovel is next to one of the wells, slightly obscured by a bush. If the player character did not complete the quest By a Campfire on the Trail or if they failed to save the settler during the quest, the corpse of a Goodsprings settler can be found at one of the wells, carrying a cleaver, several caps, wearing a field hand outfit.

In the lower area, there are three campfires that can be used to craft/cook various items. A man named Barton Thorn resides near the camper. He asks the Courier for help saving his girlfriend from a group of geckos near the overlook, accessible via a path near a broken radio tower.

The path leads to the top of the ridge, where there is a small encampment. Several broc flowers can be found growing along the trail. Near the summit, three bear traps have been set up. Some of the camp furnishings include a refrigerator and some containers, and nearby is a deceased prospector, a pile of skeletons and viscera. Down off of the cliff in front of the prospector there is a skeleton with a Merc outfit next to it.

With the Wild Wasteland trait, one will find the deceased prospector's corpse replaced by that of a man named Johnny, next to four red spheres. On the nearby table, one will see four ace of club cards and a fifth on the ground next to Johnny. The cards are only decorative and cannot be added to a Caravan deck.


  • Initially, fast traveling to Goodsprings source spawns the player character directly in front of a wrecked car with a metal briefcase sitting on the trunk. The container does not respawn its contents and is safe for storage. One of the campfires is conveniently situated directly in front of and below the car, making the container ideal for storing campfire crafting items.
  • After leaving the Goodsprings area and finalizing character stats, fast traveling to the location spawns the character closer to the nearby water well and the briefcase is moved to the ground.
  • The wells at Goodsprings source provide unlimited fresh water for drinking with no rad poisoning. Even though the water is completely pure, it will not contribute to the related challenge, Camel of the Mojave.
  • The prospector's camp can be reached without exiting the invisible boundary that finalizes the player character's attributes and skills by maneuvering southward along the clifftops from Victor's shack. This route is useful in reaching the camp while avoiding the geckos guarding the ridge as well.
  • Goodsprings source is one of the three Goodsprings locations (the others being Goodsprings and Goodsprings Cemetery) that make up the tutorial area. The tutorial boundary exists whether or not the player character accepts Sunny Smiles' offer of training.


The Goodsprings source appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.