About a week ago, this trader, Ringo, comes into town. Survivor of an attack, he says. Bad men after him, needs a place to hide.Trudy

The Goodsprings gas station is a building located within the town of Goodsprings in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281.



Outside of the gas station is a simple drive-in garage, a Poseidon Energy station sign and a Sunset Sarsaparilla vending machine.


Inside are knocked over shelves stocked with various loot, mainly Pre-War food. The store counter has several crates and sacks which can all be looted with no Karma losses. There is also a usable bed behind the store counter, along with a Easy locked floor safe half covered by the mattress.

Related questsEdit

Ghost Town Gunfight and Run Goodsprings Run: Access is granted once the quest Ghost Town Gunfight or Run Goodsprings Run is started, during which the Courier meets Ringo in this location, who is on the run from Joe Cobb.


  • This location can be used as player character housing.
  • Except for the 9mm rounds under the cash register, none of the items in the gas station are considered owned by Ringo, so they can be taken without him becoming hostile or losing Karma. The 9mm rounds can be safely stolen once Ringo leaves the building; alternatively, hidden status can be achieved while Ringo is asleep by crouching "on his head".
  • Both Ringo and Joe Cobb will talk about Ringo's relative safety hiding out here, saying that Ringo could shoot Joe Cobb through the windows. However, the windows on the outside of the gas station are boarded up, and there are no windows in the interior of the gas station through which Ringo could shoot or see anyone coming.


Goodsprings gas station appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

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