Well, there's a general store just up the road. Run by a fella named Chet. He don't got nothing fancy, but he's got your basics covered.Doc Mitchell

The Goodsprings General Store is the general supply shop for Goodsprings in 2281. Chet runs the place and sells guns, armor, weapon mods and other basic items.


Outside the front entrance is a Mojave Express dropbox. When the Courier enters the building, there will be two small pillar like bookshelves in the main room, along with some shelves and a small back room. An armor chest can be found by the bottom of the counter.


  • There is a Nuka-Cola Quantum banner hung up in the store, despite Nuka-Cola Quantum not being presented or sold on the west coast.
  • Almost unique in all of the Mojave, one can hear what appears to be the sound of a pendulum clock ticking, suggesting this store might actually have a working clock, the other being inside house #108, in Higgs Village in the add-on Old World Blues.
  • Upon entering the store, there will be a shovel on the right that cannot be picked up. It simply says, "Shovel."
  • Chet's inventory is linked with the store cell itself. Buying a can of pork n' beans from him will remove the physical copy of said item from the store shelves. This, however, does not occur with every item sold by him.


The Goodsprings General Store appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenesEdit

Goodsprings General Store is a real life store in Goodsprings, Nevada. Up until c.2017, it even has the same sign, which was then replaced with "Ghost town cafe," albeit using the same font and coloring.


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