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Gomorrah prostitutes are prostitutes employed by the Omertas, who run the Gomorrah casino in 2281.


These prostitutes can be male or female, human or ghoul. They are seen dancing seductively in cages tied on the ceiling and try to make a living providing sexual favors for customers.

However, the player can learn somewhere in the game that the prostitutes are being forced to work against their will. The Omertas are actually drugging young girls on free Jet or Med-X, and then when they are fully addicted to the drugs, the Omertas will tell them that they will no longer supply them with any Jet or Med-X unless they work as a prostitute in their casino. Not only do they have to serve as a stripper in the Gomorrah's club, Brimstone, and also the courtyard, but they have to provide sexual favors for anyone who wants it.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

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Other interactionsEdit

If ever attacked, they will not turn hostile, but will instead most of the time run away in fear, screaming for help. If you hide after this for quite some time and remain hidden, they will eventually go non-hostile and walk back to where they were and continue their duties as a prostitute.

Talking to the prostitutes will yield responses such as "If I wasn't working right now, I'd show you a real nice time" or "You know you want a piece of this, give me some sugar". Sometimes, in the courtyard, the player can start actual dialogue conversations with a prostitute, where the prostitute will say "What do you need" and the only option is "I have to go now" or "See you later" or a similar response, upon which the prostitute will either say "Later" or "Bye" and then the conversation ends.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Prostitute outfit


Gomorrah prostitutes appear only in Fallout: New Vegas.

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