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The Gomorrah courtyard is a location within Gomorrah in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281.


The courtyard is an open area surrounded by small, individual huts and rooms. The courtyard also has a shallow pool in the center, as well as palm trees and other vegetation.

The first time the player enters this area they will encounter Joana immediately, who is central to the quest "Bye Bye Love". Later she may be found in her room or dancing in one of the corner nooks.

One can find a variety of prostitutes dancing and walking around, but only Joana and Dazzle can be engaged in extended conversation. Joana and Dazzle are also the only prostitutes that the player can have sex with.

On the second level, just to the right of the door as the player enters, is the door to Joana's room.

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  • One of the huts further down the back is Dazzle's 'working place'.
  • Looking down at the ground anywhere on the bottom floor of the courtyard will give the player the "drink" option, even if the player is nowhere near the center pool. This seems to be a bug where the pool was scripted across the entire area.
  • Joana doesn't seem to exist in the world until the player first enters the area. She can be seen actively spawning into the location when the player arrives.


The Gomorrah courtyard appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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