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Golden Globes is a pornography studio that operates out of New Reno in 2241.


Run by the Corsican Brothers and under the protection of the Mordino family, this adult film studio is purported to be the only such establishment still standing post-War. It began when the Corsican Brothers found holographic recording technology in the rubble of New Reno, or at least enough of it to restart the business.

The porn studio presents a unique opportunity for the Chosen One, the chance to make a living by becoming a Porn Star. However, they must first land an audition. If they aren't charismatic enough (Charisma under 9), they will have to become either a Made Man or Prizefighter. Once the audition is secured, their star status depends purely on their performance. A porn star must necessarily be flexible (Agility) and durable (Endurance). If the Chosen One's stats are below 8 in any of those areas, the Corsicans will have to decline the Chosen's services, regardless of their reputation.

The Chosen One also needs to have the proper "experience," so they have to score better than a 9 on the obj_sex_rating formula to pass the audition (the same formula used to assign the Gigolo title):

if you have Kama Sutra Master

if you have Sex Appeal

if you are a Sex_God

The Sex_God hidden title is assigned after the character gains 100 points of sexual experience. The sexual experience is tabulated in a global variable called GVAR_PLAYER_SEX_LEVEL which has between 1 and 15 points added to it after sexual encounters with NPCs. The points are assigned using the above obj_sex_rating formula. To accumulate experience more quickly, it is helpful to take drugs like Buffout or Jet before the act, as is wearing the mirrored shades during it. If successful, the Chosen One becomes a celebrity in New Reno and has the opportunity to choose their own porn actor name. They can also become a fluffer in order to earn money.


Interior and set

The building for the studio consists of five rooms or sections:

  • Waiting lobby (entrance)
  • Recruiting office
  • Filming set + backstage area
  • 2 private actor/actress rooms

Produced movies

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  • Great Balls for Hire
  • Good Will Humping
  • Vault Sexteen
  • Pokeahotass
  • Pullout: Post-Nuclear Boogalo

Behind the scenes

The titles of some of the movies produced by Golden Globes are spoofs of actual movies and the Fallout series: