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For when a weapon or outfit needs just a touch of bling.— In-game description

A gold watch is a legendary junk item in Fallout Shelter.


This pre-war instrument of time measurement has a high gold content, useful in the crafting of legendary weapons and outfits. Typically found as a reward in high level quests, or at the end of quest chains.


Items Name Count
Weapons Mean Green Monster 2
Kneecapper 2
Red Rocket 1
Lead Belcher 3
Apotheosis 2
Armor piercing minigun 3
Missile launcher 3
Miss Launcher 3
Double-barrel combat shotgun 3
Long Institute rifle 2
Charon's shotgun 2
Virgil's rifle 3
Minigun 4
Tuned plasma rifle 2
Relentless raider sword 2
Scattered Institute pistol 2
Rusty missile launcher 3
Rusty minigun 4
Night-vision Institute rifle 4
Enhanced missile launcher 3
Enhanced minigun 3
Guided missile launcher 3
Hardened missile launcher 3
Hardened minigun 3
Farmer's Daughter 2
Targeting Institute rifle 3
Outfits Heavy battle armor 2
Heavy synth armor 5
Heavy combat armor 5


  • Found by dwellers exploring the wasteland
  • Finding them randomly during quests
  • From quest rewards
  • Breakdown weapons and outfits