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Impress the best with the Gold Toilet.— Scoreboard description

The gold toilet is a workshop object in Fallout 76, introduced in the Locked & Loaded update during the fourth season.


A gold colored toilet with the Hornwright Industrial logo on the lid of the seat. Comapared to the clean toilet, the gold toilet has a shorter, wider tank and a more circular bowl, which narrows down to thinner rectangular base. It is secured to the floor with 4 bolts, rather than 2. It has a traditional tank lever on the upper right side of the tank. Activating the toilet will open the lid, and the sound of flushing water can be heard; however, there is no water visible in the bowl.


The item is found under Appliances in the workshop crafting menu. Crafting is unlocked after reaching rank 69 of the fourth season.

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Gold toilet (1)


Craftable at any C.A.M.P or workshop.