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Gold bullion is a form of currency in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.


Gold bullion consists of solid bars or ingots of pure gold.[1][2] Once forming the backbone of most currencies before fiat currencies and rapid inflation, gold holds its value as a precious metal of finite quantity.[3] Even after the Great War, gold bullion is still accepted by merchants and by traders specializing in gold, for use in exchange for services as reputation changes and blueprints or plans for equipment, as well as equipment modifications.

The currency is used to trade with gold bullion merchants for various late-game plans and recipes. These traders include Mortimer, Samuel, and Regs, located in The Crater, Foundation, and Vault 79, respectively. Depending on the week, Minerva will also sell select items at The Crater, Foundation, Fort Atlas, or The Whitespring Resort.

Gold bullion items[]

Mortimer and Samuel sell 3 of each at once, but the trade dialog can be opened multiple times, allowing to purchase more.


After completion of the Wastelanders main questline, gold bullion will become available:

  • Earned as a reward for completing Secrets Revealed, the last quest in the Wastelanders questline.
  • Obtained by trading in Treasury Notes earned from public events and Settler/Raider daily quests at gold press machines. Note: After the introduction of Minerva, all characters who complete public events can earn treasury notes, regardless of whether or not they have completed the quest Secrets Revealed.
  • Purchased from Smiley at the Wayward at a price of 1,000 caps per 50 bullion, up to a weekly limit of 300 bullion.
  • A total limit of 400 gold bullion can be gained from Treasury Notes, per day and character, with an additional 300 gold bullion per character being available for purchase from Smiley per week.


  • Gold bullion has a limit of 10,000 per character. Trading in Treasury Notes or obtaining bullion through any other means at this point will cause the gold bullion that was supposed to be received to be deleted. It will not be replaced if lost.
  • Despite being from the pre-War Fort Knox, gold bullion shares its appearance with the gold crafting component.
  • The plans which are bought with gold bullion and the items which can be crafted from those plans cannot be traded, dropped, or sold to vendors. Attempting to drop the plans will instead destroy them. Legendary armor and weapons crafted from these plans can be exchanged for legendary scrip at a legendary exchange machine.
  • Limited-time The daily limit of obtainable gold bullion is increased from 400 to 800 during the Gold Rush community event.