The Gobi Campaign was a military operation conducted by the United States Armed Forces during the beginning of a full-fledged retaliatory American invasion of China in response to the Chinese invasion and subsequent occupation of Anchorage, Alaska initiated in 2066. It took place in or near the Gobi Desert.


The military objective was to invade the Gobi Desert, and eliminate the Chinese strongholds there. US Marines equipped with next generation combat armor were deployed along with snipers with various weapons, including Wattz 2000 laser rifles[1] and heavily modified DKS-501 sniper rifles, such as the Gobi Campaign scout rifle, during the operation (it is not known if the scout rifle was a standard weapon or not). The outcome of the campaign was presumably a success, as American troops who fought in it were redirected to the Nanjing and Yangtze campaigns.[2]


The Gobi Campaign is mentioned only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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