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This is a transcript for dialogue with Gnash.


# Dialogue Topic Form ID Player Prompt Response Text Script Notes
1 00599358 00599395 Miscellaneous Hellos Take a picture, it'll last longer.
2 00599396 Beat it, or you'll regret it.
3 00599397 Better for you to keep moving.
4 0059939A You got any chems?
5 0059939B Oh, it's you again. Annoyed
6 0059939C This better be good. Impatient
7 00599359 0059938F Miscellaneous Greetings You could slice my throat with that jawline. Flirtatious
8 00599391 It's a beautiful sight, ain't it? Revelling in the destruction
9 00599392 Get to the point... fast.
10 00599393 Wanna go for a swim? Sarcastic, they're surrounded by irradiated water
11 00599394 I don't have any business with you, what do you want?
12 005995AD Been thinking about how your hand would feel around my neck.
13 005995AE That look is to die for. Flirtatious, emphasis on die
14 0059935A 0059937D I want to talk about something else. Good, if you asked the wrong question I would've had to kill you. Dead serious
15 0059935C 00599385 Have you heard of the Blood Eagles? They seem more your style. I like their appreciation for violence and the finer things in life, like torture...
16 But for now I'm happy on my own. Less people to share my chems with that way.
17 0059935E 0059937F Why did you come back to Appalachia? I heard that there was people coming back here in search of some treasure.
18 I'm not really interested in that sort of thing, but I couldn't pass up having some new victims! Excitedly talking about the people being his victims like they're a brand new toy
19 Where there's people, there's things to be stolen and lives to be ruined.
20 00599360 00599387 I want to talk about something else. Get to it.
21 00599362 00599381 The Responders got what was coming to them. Ha ha! Hell yeah, they did! They never should have underestimated David and the Cutthroats.
22 Just sad I wasn't here to witness it, or to get me a few Responder heads myself.
23 00599364 00599389 Why don't you like the Responders? All they wanted to do was help people. The only thing good about them was they gave supplies to weaklings and made it easier for raiders to steal.
24 Society is gone. If you can't change with the times, then the rest of us will pick you off one by one. Emphasis on gone
25 Or I guess in the case of the Christmas Flood, over a thousand at a time. Snickering at the thought of over a thousand people being wiped out at once
26 00599366 00599382 What was so great about the Cutthroats? The Cutthroats didn't let anyone walk over them and weren't afraid to use any means necessary to get what they wanted.
27 This destruction is from a MINI NUKE David used against the Responders when they took his girlfriend... honestly I don't know what he saw in her... Trails off in jealousy at the end.
28 I wish I could've heard the Responders crying and screaming while they all drowned like the helpless rats they were.
29 00599368 0059938C [Charisma 8+] You know, I have a thing for bad boys. ...and sorry, you're not my type. You could probably use this... and maybe a cold shower. Scoff, disgusted
30 0059938D [Charisma 8+] You know, I have a thing for bad boys. ...but we do have that in common. Maybe I'll take you on a raid with me sometime and we can celebrate after. Flirty, suggestive
31 Do some chems... bathe in the blood of our enemies... here's a taste, for now.
32 00599369 0059938B That's all for now. Yep. Disinterested, could care less that the player is leaving
33 0059936B 00599383 Can you tell me more about you? I'm your worst nightmare. Hahaha... just kidding. Maybe. You can call me Gnash. He's bored, not interested in talking to the player or about himself and ready to leave the conversation at any moment
34 I came to Appalachia with those sorry excuses for Raiders who are holed up in Crater now.
35 Their leader, Meg, couldn't even hack it as Cutthroat and had to start her own gang. They don't do nearly enough stealing and killing, if you ask me.
36 0059936D 0059939E What are you doing in Charleston? Thought I'd stop by, witness the death and destruction of Charleston and the Responders.
37 Thanks to David Thorpe and the Cutthroats, the greatest gang to ever exist, we have this waterfront destination right here in Appalachia!
38 Too bad they all got killed by the Scorched though, I would've loved to join them.
39 0059936F 00599384 [Charisma 8+] You know, I have a thing for bad boys. I'm not your typical bad boy... Considering how they want to respond to the player flirting
40 00599371 0059937E [Strength 8+] Give me all your caps! I like your style! I think all those Buffouts might be going to your head though, try this. Laughing, not at all threatened
41 And just so you know... if you ever try to take my caps by force, you and my blade will be getting real well-acquainted. Gets dark and threatening
42 00599373 00599386 Nevermind then, bye. Smart choice.
43 00599375 00599380 I just have some questions. Maybe I have answers, but no promises.
44 00599377 00599388 You're a friendly sort, aren't you? I don't know you, You ain't my friend.
45 I only need three things in this world: chaos, chems, and a cold beer. If you're not putting up any, then you can move along.
46 0059C6AB 0059C6AC How do you know so much about the Cutthroats? I got tired of the Raiders acting like those Foundation babies but with studs and leather, and left to find out more about the gangs that were here.
47 After I heard about what had happened here in Charleston, I knew I had to see all of the destruction myself.
48 Plus I hear there's some sort of Responder training set up around here. I'd love to do my part and help keep them extinct.