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This is a transcript for dialogue with Lupe.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 You need water? I got water, clean and fresh, straight from Lake Mead. 1
Neutral 50 If you're low on caps, I've also got slightly irradiated wasteland water. A little fallout never killed anybody. 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Welcome back! Are you thirsty for some fresh, clean water? 3
VDialogueVegasWest1EWaterSellerTopic000 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Until next time! 4
VDialogueVegasWest1EWaterSellerTopic001 Show me what you have for sale. Neutral 50 Glad to do it. 5
VDialogueVegasWest1EWaterSellerTopic002 Where do you get your water? Neutral 50 The NCR fixed up the pipe network pretty good, and water merchants like me are allowed to have some of it to sell. 6
Neutral 50 If we have a water license, of course. Still, it beats the inconvenience of having to trek all the way to the lake to resupply. 7
VDialogueVegasWest1EWaterSellerTopic003 Are there many water merchants around here? Neutral 50 There's a few independent ones like me, but it's mostly the big trading outfits that deal in water, like the Crimson Caravan Company. 8
VDialogueVegasWest1EWaterSellerTopic004 Anything I should know about New Vegas? Neutral 50 They won't just let anybody into the Strip, but you should be able to have a good time in Freeside itself. Just, uh, keep a close eye on your caps. 9
VDialogueVegasWest1EWaterSellerTopic005 Tell me about the Fiends. Neutral 50 They're a bunch of crazies hopped up on all kind of drugs. Apparently, they're using one of the old vaults as a hideout. 10
Neutral 50 The army should really get in there and wipe 'em all out, but I guess they've got more than enough trouble to deal with right now. 11
VDialogueVegasWest1EWaterSellerTopic006 What do you know about the NCR? Neutral 50 Their main base is right over there by the old airport - it's called Camp McCarran now. Some people like to paint 'em all as a bunch of bullies. 12
Neutral 50 Me, I'm glad they're around. They do what they can to keep things safe and orderly. 13
VDialogueVegasWest1EWaterSellerTopic007 I have some general questions for you. Neutral 50 Shoot. 14
VDialogueVegasWest1EWaterSellerTopic008 That's all I want to know right now. Neutral 50 All right. 15
VDialogueVegasWest1EWaterSellerTopic009 Who sells equipment around here? Neutral 50 The Crimson Caravan Company's the big dog around here. Keep following the road north and you'll eventually come across their camp. 16
VDialogueVegasWest1EWaterSellerTopic010 Know where I can find a doctor? Neutral 50 I'm pretty sure they've got a doc over at Camp McCarran, but I don't know if he'll treat just anybody. 17
VDialogueVegasWest1EWaterSellerTopic011 Do you get a lot of customers? Neutral 50 The caravans or NCR patrols usually don't stop, but we usually get people like yourself wandering on by a few times a week. 18