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This is an overview article, focusing on background information and cross-game comparisons.

A glove is a weapon that is a hand covering, often with a substance or additional technology on it. When it is used, it increases the user's unarmed strikes.

Standard models

Scientist glove

Gameplay article: Old World Blues

The scientist glove is a plain blue rubber safety glove, presumably worn by the scientists that worked at the Big MT facility before the war to protect their hands from dangerous chemicals.

Ballistic fist

Gameplay article: Fallout: New Vegas

The ballistic fist is a wrist-mounted shotgun, with a pressure plate trigger worn over the knuckles which fires when a punch connects with the target.

For the unique ballistic fist from the Gun Runners' Arsenal (Fallout: New Vegas add-on), see: Two-Step Goodbye.

Boxing gloves

Fo2 Boxing Gloves.png

A boxing glove is a glove worn to protect the user's knuckles during the sport of boxing.

Bladed models

Spiked Gloves.png

A bladed glove is a glove with attached blades or spikes.


Tactics mace glove.png

A cestus is a hand covering often made of leather strips or with attached devices.

  • For an overview of all cestus models, see: Cesti.

Chemical gloves

Corrosive glove.png

Chemical gloves are gloves that emit, or are coated with a chemical that improves potency.

Electrical gloves

Zap glove.png

Shock gloves are gloves that emit a shockwave or produce an electric shock on impact.

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