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Following the Great War, culture throughout the American wastelands changed, and as a result, new slang terms and dialects were created. Some organizations even began from scratch and created their very own languages.

Common wastelandEdit

  • Brahmin baron: A wealthy landowner operating ranches of brahmin, bighorners, and beef trade. One example is Heck Gunderson
  • Brain-eater, shuffler, zombie: A derogatory term for a ghoul, referring to their necrotic and often decaying physical state.
  • Caravan: A type of post-war transportation utilized by most traders, using a brahmin to carry wares and supplies, most often accompanied by one or more guards for protection
  • Centaur: FEV-induced creatures created by tossing humans, dogs, and other species into an FEV vat.
  • Chems: Recreational drugs.
  • Drifter: A person who continuously moved from town to town with no fixed home.
  • Feral ghoul, feral: Ghouls suffering from ferocious post-necrotic dystrophy.
  • Forced Evolutionary Virus, FEV, green stuff: The Forced Evolutionary Virus.
  • Ghoul: Used by most wastelanders to refer to necrotic post-humans.
  • Great War, Holocaust, the bombs: Name given to the nuclear war of 2077.
  • Mercenary, merc: A person for hire who takes jobs and contracts, usually in the business of killing targets.
  • Mutie: A derogatory term for a mutant.
  • Nightkin: Humans with an alternative reaction to FEV from further experimentation.
  • Normals, normies, norms: Used by West Coast super mutants to refer to humans.
  • Old world blues: Nostalgia for pre-War times.
  • Outsider: A person who is alien to a location or organization.
  • Prime human: First coined by Lou Tenant, this terminology is based around the theory that many humans are affected by F.E.V. to a lesser extent, due to being immunized by an air-borne strain of F.E.V. created by the nuclear obliteration of the pre-War location known as the West Tek research facility.
  • Prospector: A person who recovers resources to be mined. It can also be considered a more polite term than scavenger.
  • Pure human: First coined by the Master, the Master and the Enclave's personal viewpoint and ideology on the post-War state of humanity and their genetics.
  • Psyker: A person gifted with paranormal or psychic powers.
  • Raider: A wasteland gangster that raids and pillages towns.
  • Scavenger, scav, scavver, salvager: A person who earns money from recovering items of value from the ruins.
  • Skag: A derogatory term for a drug addict.
  • Slaver: A person who enslaves other people and forces them to work against their will, or sells them to people for their own use.
  • Smoothskin, smoothies, smoothy: Used by ghouls to refer to humans.
  • Super mutant, meta-human: Humans infected with FEV.
  • Synth: Used to describe androids; synthetic humans.[1][2]
  • Tin can: A person wearing power armor or a robot.
  • Tribal, savage: Used by those who consider themselves more civilized to refer to the often nomadic groups of people who have chosen to return to more primitive methods of surviving in the wasteland.
  • Vault dweller, Vaulter: Any person who comes from a Vault-Tec Vault.
  • Wanderer: A person who travels the wilderness and combs the ruins of the post-War world.
  • Wastelander, waster: A person from the wilderness.


Capital WastelandEdit

  • Buckethead, metal man: Used by super mutants in the Capital Wasteland to refer to Brotherhood of Steel and/or Enclave soldiers.[3]
  • Good Fight: First coined by Three Dog, used to describe the ongoing struggle and daily life in the Capital Wasteland, and the effort to improve standards.[4][5]
  • Frankenstein, ugly: A derogatory term for super mutants in the Capital Wasteland, coined by the Brotherhood of Steel.[6][7][8][4][9][10][11]

Point LookoutEdit

The PittEdit

Mojave WastelandEdit

Sierra MadreEdit

The DivideEdit

New CaliforniaEdit

The IslandEdit

  • The Fog: The radioactive fog covering the Island.



  • Cateye: A vision-enhancing drug.
  • Hydra: A drug created by Caesar's Legion for healing limbs.
  • Jet: The name for the highly addictive methamphetamine created by Myron which is extracted from the fumes of brahmin dung.
  • Rad-X: The name of the drug that is responsible for increasing resistance to radiation accumulation.
  • RadAway: The name given to the drug that disperses/gets rid of any radiation accumulated by the user.
  • Rebound: An adrenaline drug.
  • Rocket: A form of jet with a greater energy rush.
  • Slasher: A combination of Med-X and psycho.
  • Steady: A drug for helping with a combatant's aim.
  • Stimpak, stim: The term used to describe the small handheld syringe containing healing factors. Short for stimulation delivery package
  • Turbo: A drug to slow down one's perspective of time.
  • Ultrajet: A more powerful variant of jet.

Food and drinkEdit


  • Brahmin: The coined name for the two headed mutant version of cattle that are prolific throughout the wasteland as a source of food and transport.
  • Cazador: A mutant tarantula hawk wasp.
  • Floater: Flatworms infected by FEV.
  • Lurk: Used to describe creatures in the scylla genus, mirelurks especially.[31][32][33]
  • Night stalker: Rattlesnake and coyote hybrids.
  • Radroach, roach: A mutant cockroach.
  • Radscorpion: A mutant scorpion.
  • Tunneler: The savage creatures inhabiting the Divide.
  • Wanamingo: Strange FEV tailored creatures, commonly mistakenly seen as aliens.
  • Yao guai, guai: Mutant bears


The following are alternative or colloquial names of present post-War locations, and do not include post-War location names themselves.

  • Big Empty: Used by wastelanders to refer to the Big MT research center. The term is frowned upon by the Think Tank.
  • Gametitle-VB Three Deaths Rock: What Boulder is commonly referred to as if ZAX is left cannibalize itself, causing the meltdown of the nuclear reactor and the incineration of the Boulder scientists. Acid rain, toxic clouds, and radiation mean no-one dares to enter.[34]



Blackfoot and HangdogsEdit

Gametitle-VBThe following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
Gametitle-VBEnd of information based on Van Buren.

Bright BrotherhoodEdit


Brotherhood of SteelEdit

  • Apprentice: Young Brothers, who after finishing basic training and their education, choose to become either a knight or a scribe. Once the decision is made, they become an apprentice and their advanced education begins.
  • Chain That Binds: A policy of the Brotherhood that requires all Brothers to obey a superior's orders.[74][75][76]
  • Codex: The holy text of the organization, acting as the very definition of their foundations.
  • Creator: A religious deity.[77]
  • Elder: The Elders form the Brotherhood's ruling council. Individual Elders are occasionally leaders of localized splinter chapters of the Brotherhood. Under normal circumstances, the ability to become an elder is reserved for Paladins, although there are exceptions.
  • Hail: A greeting.
  • Initiate: A trainee soldier.
  • Knight: Knights are Brothers that have completed the training to serve as a technician, an engineer, and a soldier.
  • Oath, Oath of Fraternity: The oath taken by Brothers[78][79][77][80][81]
  • Paladin: Paladins are the elite fighting force of the Brotherhood. They are highly-trained combat veterans entrusted with high-caliber technology.
  • Scribe: Scribes are tasked with creating and keeping records of the technology recovered and used by the Brotherhood. The attitude of many scribes in the Brotherhood can be described as techno-centric. While a great number study history and culture, the majority of scribes focus their studies on subjects related to the acquisition, repair, or creation of technology.
  • Scrolls: The records of the deeds and deaths of all Brothers.[82][83]
  • Squire: Unknown use, however it refers to young members.
  • Steel be with you: A phrase to wish good luck or good will.
  • Ad Victoriam: Brotherhood saying which means "to victory."

Caesar's LegionEdit

  • Aeternit imperi: eternal authority; referring to the perpetual authority of Caesar on the Legion and used as an inscription in the Legion Aureus.[84]
  • Amicus: friend; used to refer to a trusted but independent ally of the Legion[85]
  • Ave: hail / welcome
  • Burned Man: The name for Joshua Graham following myths of his survival. The term was coined by slaves & tribals whom believed Graham to have lived. Not willing to risk the fact that his execution could have not been completed, and thus, the will of Caesar not being done, he forbade all of the Legion from using the name of Joshua Graham any longer, instead referring to him only as, "The Burned Man."
  • Caesar dictator: dictator Caesar or absolute ruler Caesar; used as an inscription in the Legion Denarius.[86]
  • Capture: A captured wastelander that has yet to earn the right of the "title" slave.[87]
  • Cursor: messenger; a river boat guide in the Legion.[88]
  • Centurion: chief of a hundred; an officer rank in the Legion with ten Decanii in his command.
  • Damnatio memoriae: condemnation of memory; used to denote archenemies of the Legion, slated for elimination and erasure from history. It was a form of dishonor.[89]
  • Decanus: chief of ten; an officer rank in the Legion with ten Legionaries in his command.
  • Decimatio: decimation derived from Latin meaning "removal of a tenth", it was a form of military discipline used by officers in the Roman Army to punish mutinous or cowardly soldiers. The legionaries are lined up in ranks and every tenth man steps forward and is beaten to death by his comrades, instilling a robust obedience.[90]
  • Dissolute: from the Latin dissolutus, an immoral, degenerate person; term used to refer to people not subject to the Legion.[91]
  • Divide et impera: divide and rule, an expression created by the Roman military and political leader Julius Caesar. It is a combination of political, military and economic strategy of gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into chunks that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy.[90]
  • Frumentarii: plural of Latin frumentarius, a soldier responsible for the collection of wheat owed by farmers, later a military intelligence operative since Emperor Hadrian; used by the Legion as the name of their special forces operatives.
  • Honestas, Industria, Prudentia: Honesty, Industry, Prudence; three virtues of slaves of the Caesar's Legion.[92]
  • In hoc signo taurus vinces: under the sign of the bull you will win; an adaptation of the Roman Emperor Constantine the Great's motto "In hoc signo vinces" incorporating the symbol of the Caesar's Legion, meaning that only those under the banner of the Caesar's Legion will win.[90]
  • Magnum chasma: great chasm; referring to the Grand Canyon and used as an inscription in the Legion Denarius.[86]
  • Praetorian: derived from Latin praetoriani, it was a force of bodyguards used by Roman Emperors; used by the Legion as the name of Caesar's personal guards.
  • Pax Per Bellum: peace through war, an expression based on the Latin Si vis pacem para bellum meaning if you want peace prepare for war ; it is one of the motto of the Caesar's Legion and used as an inscription in the Legion Aureus.[84]
  • Pax Romana: Roman peace, it was a long period of relative peace and minimal expansion by military force experienced by the Roman Empire in the 1st and 2nd centuries AD; Pax Romana in the Legion meaning a long-term stability at all costs.[90]
  • Profligate: from the Latin profligatus, a wasteful, shamelessly immoral person; term used to refer to enemies of the Legion, most notably the NCR.[91][93]
  • Rubicon: shortening of "crossing the Rubicon" expression based on the Latin Alea iacta est meaning the die is cast; Rubicon in the Legion meaning that events have passed a point of no return and that something inevitable will happen, especially used by Caesar to talk about the war against the NCR.[90]
  • Salve: hail meaning "take care of yourself, be in health"; used during a battle to greet a comrade.
  • Vale: farewell.
  • Vexillarius: flag bearer, legionary carrying the standard of the Legion into battle.


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  • Fink: A rat, a snitch.

Children of the CathedralEdit

  • Father Hope: The Master[94]
  • Holy Flame: Interchangeable between the Master and on occasion the Great War and the nuclear fire.[94][95][96][97][98][99]
  • Right Hand of God: Lieutenant[97]
  • Servitor: One who has proved themselves to the Church and a rank to be aspired to.[100][101] The process of becoming a Servitor requires indoctrination of acolytes in preparation for baptism in FEV.[102]
  • Unity Rose: A flower representing the Holy Flame.[103]
  • Vineyard of Life: Unknown, possibly the wasteland.[98]

Church of the Children of Atom and Apostles of the Holy LightEdit

  • Atom: The atomic bomb at the center of Megaton whom the Church worships.[104][105][106][107]
  • Atom's Light, Atom's Glow, Eternal Light, Glow, Holy Radiance: Radiation[105][106]
  • Enlightenment: Acceptance of Atom, and death of radiation.[106][105]
  • Great/Grand Division, Division: A prophetical event in the Church's ideology, where every atom in the universe will split, and divide into multiple universes. The Church believes every single atom holds an entire universe inside of it.[105][106][107]
  • Holy Water, Waters of Light: Irradiated Aqua Pura[105][106]
  • Luminescent Mother, Luminous Mother: Curie III[105][106]
  • Waters of the Glow: The small irradiated puddle around Megaton's atomic bomb.[104]

Church of HaroldEdit

PV13The following is based on pre-release information for the canceled online game codenamed Project V13 and is not considered canon.
  • Alder: A high rank in the Church of Harold.[108][109]
  • Beech: An influential rank equal to or slightly below Alder in the Church of Harold.[110]
  • First among Numens, Light of our Path: Harold[111]
  • Harold Appleseed: A term of approval for a diligent member of the church.[112]
  • Numen: A mutant[113]
  • Oldmen: A human[113]
  • Path of Harold: A guide to life as proclaimed by the Church of Harold.[108][114][115]
  • Seedling: The title of someone who wishes to found their own chapter of the church.[109]
  • Union of Plant and Numen: The beginning and continuation of Harold's mutation.[116]
  • Vessel: A devout member who has chosen to undergo trephination in order to grow and nurture a plant from their head.[117]
  • Wearing of the Green: A symbol of faith involving the wearing of a plant on one's head.[118]
PV13End of information based on pre-release information for the canceled online game codenamed Project V13.


Gametitle-VBThe following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
  • Bear Soldiers: The New California Republic[119]
  • Counter: The leader of the Ciphers[120]
  • First Science: Mathematics[120]
  • Invisible fire: Radiation[119][120]
  • Light gun: A laser firing energy weapon[119]
  • Lightning rod: A cattle prod[119]
  • Metal Soldiers: The Brotherhood of Steel[119]
  • Nemonik: Meaning "memory keeper"[120]
  • Night helmet: Infrared goggles[119]
  • Ritual: A mathematics based relaxed meditative ritual requiring the participation all Ciphers in Mesa Verde to allow the Nemonik to decipher technological schematics.[120][119]
Gametitle-VBEnd of information based on Van Buren.


  • Crypter: A fellow member of the Crypts[121]


  • Foolish: The collective term for the Fools[122]

Iron LinesEdit

Gametitle-VBThe following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
  • Great Circle: Circle Junction[123]
  • Chain Walker: Roaming feral ghouls that were once prisoners, still in manacles and handcuffed, considered ghosts by many among the tribe.[124]
Gametitle-VBEnd of information based on Van Buren.

Little LamplightEdit


  • Branchtender: The security of Oasis.[133]
  • Bloomseer: A Treeminder healer and soothsayer.[134][133]
  • Harvest Month: The month in which Bob spreads seeds throughout the region.[134]
  • Him, His Frondescence, Great One, One Who Gives/Grows/Guides: Harold[135][136][137][134][138][133]
  • Leaf Mother: Female leader of the Treeminders.[133]
  • Sapling: A Treeminder youth.[133]
  • Tree Father: Male leader of the Treeminders.[133]
  • Treeminders: The group who look after Oasis.

Reaver MovementEdit

Mini-FOT LogoThe following is based on Fallout Tactics and some details might contradict canon.
  • Be'alza-Gates: An acolyte of Satansoft[139]
  • Electric Father of Creation: The god of creation[140]
  • Demon: Another term for the Calculator's robots[141]
  • Heavenly Ampere: A god of vision, for example to gain the upper hand in battle[142]
  • His capacitance: A guiding force generated by the Electric Father of Creation[143][141]
  • Ohm, Holy Ohm: God of resistance[142]
  • Ohms Law, Ohms Holy Law: The necessity to protect that which can provide resistance[140]
  • Panasonica: Overseer of the eternal Assembly Lines (of Panasonica), a place where Reavers can claim their rewards for being faithful to the movement.[140]
  • Saint Di Ode: A holy spirit of protection[142] and strength[141]
  • Saint Sony: A saint of the Reaver Movement who may appear in visions to those in great need. He was the one who told Tobias Peste about the "Angelic Electro Magnetic Pulse."[140]
  • Satansoft: Also known as the "Dark One,"[140] is the "Lord of the Tech-Underworld," a god who rules over evil technology.[139][144] Some of the lower ranks refer to the Calculator as Satansoft.[142]
Mini-FOT LogoEnd of information based on Fallout Tactics.


Gametitle-VBThe following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
  • Digger: An acceptable term for Salvagers[145]
  • Scavenger, Scav: A ghoul or offensive name for Salvagers[145]
  • Claim: The term for an individual Salvagers' territory[146]
  • Claim Jumper: Someone who steals from the claims of Salvagers[147]
Gametitle-VBEnd of information based on Van Buren.


  • Surfacer: A term used by the Slags to refer to those who dwell at surface level.[148][149][150]

State of UtobithaEdit

  • Battle cattle: Legionaries[151][152]
  • Two-head bear people: Soldiers of the New California Republic[151]
  • Dumb-dumb: A derogatory term for second generation super mutants[151]


Gametitle-VBThe following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
  • Waste-walker: A trog term for those who live on the surface[153][154][155][156][157]
  • Earth's belly: What trogs call caves and other subterranean dwellings[153]
  • Pappy: The title of a trog leader[155][157]
Gametitle-VBEnd of information based on Van Buren.


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