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The world's a dangerous place... for anyone in my way. Heh.— Glory

Glory, originally G7-81,[1] is a synth member of the Railroad in 2287. She is a "heavy" for the Railroad, sent on their most dangerous and combat-heavy missions.[2] Despite this, she prefers not to engage in assignments where she must kill synths, even Generation 1 or 2 models.[3]


In 2280, Glory was known as G7-81 and was one of many synths rescued by the Railroad. Unlike most synths who are traumatized and go through a memory wipe procedure, she opted out and begged to join the Railroad. She initially worked with High Rise at Ticonderoga, but was eventually called into the Railroad HQ and promoted to a heavy agent in the same year.[1] She took Tommy Whispers under her wing in 2281 and trained him into becoming a heavy agent.[4]

If spoken to during the initial meeting with the Railroad leaders after Emergent Behavior has been completed, she will mention that G5-19 - the brain-dead synth whose body is now Curie's - was like family to her and that she should have refused to allow her body to be donated to Curie. She can be persuaded that Curie's scientific skills will be a big help, though she does not seem particularly convinced.[5]

Unlike some of the other members of the Railroad, Glory feels that even the primitive Generation 1 synths deserve to be freed from Institute control. She shares her opinion on this matter with the Sole Survivor during the mission Memory Interrupted, when she's forced to fight against several Generation 1 synths.[3]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is a temporary companion.
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This character is involved in quests.


  • Memory Interrupted: Glory is assigned the same mission the Sole Survivor has been given, and the two partner up to clear the way.
  • Precipice of War: In a last attempt to defend the Railroad from the Brotherhood of Steel, she sacrifices herself by holding off the Brotherhood troops in the Old North Church catacombs. Heavily wounded, she demands the player character to ensure the Railroad's safety before dying.
  • Emergent Behavior: She is the caretaker of the synth who is the potential new body of Curie. She is replaced by Caretaker if she was killed or if the Railroad wasn't met beforehand.

Other interactions

  • Glory can become a temporary companion for the player character during the quest Memory Interrupted where she will assist in clearing the Malden Center Station of synths.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Railroad armored coat (Mk I, II Mk III)
Road leathers
Minigun 5mm rounds


  • Glory's death is scripted, and thus will happen regardless of any action that the player character takes. Even if they prevent the Brotherhood from reaching her in Precipice of War, she will still go through her death speech, and die, despite being at full health, and standing upright when speaking with her.
  • When talking to Glory as she is dying, all companions will dislike saying anything negative or neglectful to her.
  • Despite being a synth, she does not drop a synth component on death.
  • If synth Curie accompanies the Sole Survivor on Memory Interrupted, Glory's head tracks Curie after combat is finished.
  • If the Sole Survivor destroys the Institute with the Minutemen, Glory will be found alive at the Railroad HQ. She cannot be interacted with and the rest of the Railroad will still mention that she died in the chaos following the Institute's destruction.


Glory appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

When first talked to after completing the Freedom Trail, Glory compliments the Sole Survivor by saying their work on the trail was "Not bad. For a human, that is." This is a quote from the movie Aliens.[6]


  • PCPC It is possible that during and after Glory assists the player character during the quest Memory Interrupted she can either become stuck in the area or die, resulting in a halt to progress during the quest Underground Undercover when the player character must warn Desdemona of the impending Brotherhood of Steel attack. This is because Glory is involved in a dialogue with the player character during that event. To avoid this, the player character should follow Glory out of the Malden Center Station as she can become stuck on metro gates or other objects.[verified]
    • On PC, Glory can be teleported to the player character using console commands 000508ee.moveto player.
  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Xbox OneXbox One Though it is stated that she died during the Minutemen's ending, she can still be seen wandering around the Railroad base, though she will not make any interaction with the player character. [verified]



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