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This is a transcript for dialogue with Gloria Chance.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
13 005D9970 005DCC49 Tad, enough. We still need to find a way to work with these people. A little frustrated
19 005DCCE6 You say you're with Paladin Rahmani? That's fantastic, I didn't think she'd get back to us so quickly. Excited, this is good news
20 005DCCE7 Sorry 'bout that, I suppose the Power Armor should have given that away. Realized she was a bit silly
21 005DCCE8 Illegal...? Are there even laws that we could break? Freaking out a little
22 005DCCE9 (sigh) ... Fine. Foundation is in no position to go to war with something like the Brotherhood of Steel. Resigned, defeated
23 Take the weapons and leave. You'll have your food and water... Let Paladin Rahmani know that we're... unsatisfied with this result. Hurt, defeated
24 005DCCEA Okay... But, now what? Responding to a strange request
33 005E57F8 And send the fellas home, would ya? They've been playing with those things long enough. Friendly
35 005D9971 005D99A9 You must be here about that shipment of Blamco Mac & Cheese! Great, I was starting to get worried. Pretty excited
36 005D9CA6 Mike was just telling us about what happened out there... I can't believe it. All those boys, just... it's a lot to take in. Heart broken
37 005D9CA7 You're back! I was starting to get worried... Concerned
54 005DCCF8 The fellas should be over at the East Mountain Lookout still. I'm sure they'd be happy to show you the weapons. Did you need something else? Being friendly
55 005DCCF9 So, as I was saying... Being friendly
56 005DCCFA I can't believe this... Heart broken
57 005DCCFB Well the weapons are taken care of. What say we close on a deal? What are the Brotherhood looking for in return for training us? Friendly
58 005DCCFC It's too bad we couldn't make things work out. I know Tad isn't satisfied with you taking the weapons, but part of me is relieved, you know? Disappointed
59 005DCCFD Please let Paladin Rahmani know what we settled on. I only wish it could have been under less unfortunate circumstances... A bit mournful
60 005DCCFE Just leave us alone already, would you? Disgusted
61 005DCCFF Thank you so much, Initiate. You're a truly generous person... Please let Paladin Rahmani know about our deal. Grateful
62 In the meantime, we have arrangements to make here... For those we lost. I hope you understand, but we'll try to get in touch soon. Somber
130 005DCB41 005DCC61 Thanks for all your help. Please let Paladin Rahmani know where we stand. Happy, glad this is over
132 005DCB43 005DCC36 Okay. We provide food, water, and the latest scoop on weird tech... Thinking
133 And the Brotherhood provides us with training to better defend ourselves. Sounds pretty fair to me! Getting renewed hope
134 005DCB44 005DCC18 'Cause that would be the end of the world... Joking around, sarcastic
137 005DCB49 005DCC48 Alright, the weapons are safer with you... But what would the Brotherhood need in return for training? Thinking
139 005DCB4C 005DCC27 That's not a very funny joke, you know. Relieved but still a little worried.
140 005DCB50 005DCC3E You... aren't serious are you? Concerned
142 005DCB52 005DCC21 Well, thank you for taking care of the weapons, they're yours. But training? I suppose our guards are lacking... discipline. player made a curious suggestion. emphasis on "ARE"
143 005DCB55 005DCC23 Wow, that's incredibly generous of you! This should be enough to pay for food and water deliveries for a long time. I'll have them start right away. Grateful
144 Please, let Paladin Rahmani know... and thank you for resolving this for us. I think Foundation and the Brotherhood have a bright future together. Happy
145 005DCB57 005DCC1C You're horrid. Take the weapons and be on your way... We have more important things to do than bicker. Rising anger
146 Breaking the news that some people won't be coming home, as a start... Tell Paladin Rahmani that Foundation and the Brotherhood aren't a good match. Sad
147 005DCB58 005DCC44 I understand. Please let Paladin Rahmani know that I'm disappointed this didn't work out. Good luck. I wish you all the best. Sad
148 005DCB59 005DCC7C Well, sure, if you covered the loss, we'd be in a much better position to help out the Brotherhood... but those weapons... they weren't cheap. Somber
149 005DCB5A 005DCC4D Not "maybe," You are right... You need to get these things out of here before anyone else is killed. Emphasis on "are", Pained to say it
150 Only problem is, those weapons put us in the hole, financially speaking... We'd need to sell off our supplies to recover. Somber
151 And that... leaves nothing left to share with the Brotherhood. Depressing information
152 005DCB5B 005DCC77 Anyway... Thank you again. I'm glad this worked out. Thankful
153 005DCB5C 005DCC4A I know, Mike, but it was an accident. It's a reminder that we need better training here. We need to know how to protect ourselves. Sympathetic, but trying to reason
155 005DCB60 005DCC30 We can make that work... Okay, then, it's a deal! Please let Paladin Rahmani know. Relieved
156 005DCB64 005DCC0F That's wonderful news! Please, could you let Paladin Rahmani know? Relieved
157 005DCB66 005DCC54 That's right. If we just end up spending more caps on defense again, we'd need to start selling surplus supplies to pay for it. Determined
158 Are you positive that you can commit the Brotherhood's resources to protecting us? Serious
160 005DCB69 005DCC81 I think... we can make that work. It's a deal. So long as the Brotherhood has our back, we can spare extra food and supplies.
163 005DCB6F 005DCC6C I think... I think we should try and wrap up business between us now. We're going to need to tell those families about... what happened. Sad, trying to toughen up
164 I know it's hard to think about at a time like this, but settling on a deal and having you on your way is probably for the best. trying to be strong
165 Now then... I understand that you'll want to take these weapons back with you, but that won't work for us. They cost us too many caps to just let go. Sad, but trying to be stern.
166 Unfortunately, regardless of where they came from before, they're our property now, and they'll need to stay with us. Sad to have to say this so plainly, but it's the truth
167 005DCB71 005DCC5C Well... Maybe we can discuss that a little further. Testing the water, still sad
168 005DCB72 005DCC9B I understand. You were right to take them back here yourself. Understanding, still sad
174 005DCB7D 005DCC24 You should leave. Right now. Tell Paladin Rahmani that any chance of a trade deal is off.
180 005DCB87 005DCC68 You killed... Mike? How could you? That's... well, that's murder. Oh, poor Mike... Those boys... This is terrible! Astonished, heart broken, angry
181 005DCB89 005DCC3D What!? That's terrible. My god, those poor boys... I would have never expected... Mike of all people... Shocked, heart broken
182 005DCB8B 005DCC16 Oh no, that's terrible! Oh, those poor boys... Heart broken
183 005DCB8D 005DCC72 Oh, you've got the weapons. Where's Mike and the others? Weren't they at the tower? Growing suspicious of the player, but still generally worried
200 005DCBA6 005DCC1B Weapons...? Well sure, we have all sorts for defending Foundation. Oh, maybe you mean... Trying to remember something
201 005DCBA8 005DCC7B Ah right, about that... A little apologetic
202 Originally we were hoping to purchase some weapons in exchange for food and supplies, but we may need to work something else out. Thinking through a problem
203 After all, our last purchase is more than enough firepower for the time being. Still thinking a bit
204 005DCBAA 005DCC4C How can I help you, uh, sire...? Your Majesty? Your Steeliness? pretty unsure of herself
205 005DCBAB 005DCC22 The Brotherhood? I thought Paladin Rahmani ran a tight ship. Meeting you makes me think otherwise... But I digress. Annoyed now, the player crossed the line a bit... BUT tries to come back to friendly by the end.
206 005DCBAF 005DCC56 Well, that's not very nice. Why are you really here? a little miffed, but not outright angry
207 005DCBB1 005DCC9D They're pulling your leg, hun. Snarky, to his wife, "they're just joking around, chill out"
208 005DCC9E You really think someone rolling up in Power Armor like that is here about Mac & Cheese? They're pulling your leg, hun. Snarky, NOT annoyed though, he likes her naivety
209 005DCBB2 005DCC32 Two... two thousand and what? For a dozen- Flabbergasted
210 005DCBB4 005DCC66 Oh, how professional of you! Impressed, a little flirty
211 005DCBB6 005DCC15 Oh, pardon me, then! Embarassed
227 005DCBD4 005DCC7A Hun, can you tell our friend here about those thingies we picked up recently? Asking husband
228 005DCBD6 005DCC4B Yep, that's right. Friendly
229 005DCBD9 005DCC87 Tad, hun, can you explain, please? Asking husband, getting nervous
238 005DCBE3 005DCC65 Oh that's right, Mike and them took the weapons out for a test drive. If you head over, I'm sure they'd let you take a look. Neutral
239 I hope you understand those weapons are our property, though... We spent quite a bit acquiring them. Feels bad saying it, but it needs to be said
240 But, hurry back, I'm sure we can still find a way to work together, even if we don't need more weapons. A bit unsure of herself, but trying to keep it friendly
243 005DCBE8 005DCC70 Mhmm, I bet. A little annoyed -- not buying a threat
244 005DCBEA 005DCC45 Okay, shoot. Friendly
245 005DCBEB 005DCC1D Ooo-oo-ooh! Mocking the player spitefully. "oooh you're so scary!"
246 005DCBED 005DCC7D Okay, if you don't think it can wait. Disappointed
247 005DCBEF 005DCC83 Well, this is the Supply Room for all things coming and going from Foundation. If it ends up in one of the Sunnys' shops, it goes through here first. Friendly. "The Sunnys" is referring to multiple characters name "Sunny" that all own shops.
258 005DCBFB 005DCC63 Yeck! Her husband said something really cheesy
261 005DCBFE 005DCC11 If they belonged to your crew originally, well... That's tough luck for sure... And I feel for you guys, I do. Feels bad
262 But look around us: what's not second-hand property anymore? Everything used to belong to somebody, right? Trying to reason
263 Really, though, once you get things settled over by the lookout tower, I'm sure we can work something out. Trying to bring things to a friendly note


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 005D9969 005D99A0 This is Foundation's Supply Room. Just let me know if you need anything. Friendly
4 005E57DB The fella walking around is my husband, Tad. Don't mind the sass, he can be a little much sometimes. Cheeky
5 005E57DC I still can't believe what happen at the lookout tower... Such a sad waste of life. Sad
6 005E57DD We'll never forget those who were lost, but hopefully that lesson can prevent something like that from happening again. Somber but sincere
7 005E57DE Welcome back. I'm so relieved things worked out. You're a truly good person, I hope you know that. Sincere
8 005E57DF Always nice seeing you again. Things are still early on, but our arrangement is looking very promising. Thank you again for your help. Somber but sincere
9 005E57E0 I don't think we have any further business together. Now, if you'll excuse me. Doesn't like the player
10 005E57E1 I'd really prefer not speaking with you anymore. Please go. Doesn't like the player
25 005E57D9 005E57EE Well, hello there. Friendly
26 005E57EF Something I can help you with? Friendly
27 005E57F0 Just leave us be, would you? Friendly
28 005E57F1 (sigh) Yes...? Not happy to see the player
29 005E57F2 Oh, it's you. Not happy to see the player
30 005E57F3 Just leave us be, would you? Not happy to see the player