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I still can't believe what happened at the lookout tower... Such a sad waste of life.

Gloria Chance is a member of the Settlers in Appalachia.


Gloria is a member of the Settlers located in the Foundation supply room who is in charge of keeping stock of the settlement's supplies along with her husband, Tad. She made contact with the Brotherhood of Steel in the hopes of purchasing weapons in exchange for food and other supplies, and has been waiting for a response from Paladin Rahmani.[1] However, they recently have gotten their hands on stolen Brotherhood weapons.[2]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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Supplying Demands


Supplying Demands: Gloria is the one to speak to about a trade deal between the Brotherhood of Steel and the Settlers. She must also be convinced to return the stolen weaponry, as she is very reluctant to the idea and tells the Vault Dweller they were last seen with Mike Tiller and that they can work something out later.

If Mike is killed and Gloria is informed he was murdered, Gloria will express horror and call it murder. Tad will be angered and order the Vault Dweller to give the weapons back and go away. The Vault Dweller can agree and tell them to "go nuts" and blow themselves up with them, or pass a Strength +2 check to refuse, demand supplies from Foundation or else the Vault Dweller will kill them. If the latter choice occurs, Tad calls the Vault Dweller a "jack-booted piece of shit" but Gloria reluctantly agrees because she doesn't want to start a war with the Brotherhood of Steel. Gloria says to let Rahmani know they're unsatisfied with this result.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Worker hat
Settler mechanic outfit


Gloria Chance appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update.


  1. Gloria Chance: "You must be here about that shipment of BlamCo Mac & Cheese! Great, I was starting to get worried."
    Vault dweller: "Negative, ma'am, I'm with the Brotherhood of Steel. I'm here on behalf of Paladin Rahmani."
    Gloria Chance: "Oh, how professional of you! You say you're with Paladin Rahmani? That's fantastic, I didn't think she'd get back to us so quickly. How can I help you, uh, sire...? Your Majesty? Your Steeliness?"
    Vault dweller: " 'Initiate' will do, thanks. I'm here to discuss Paladin Rahmani's trade deal."
    Gloria Chance: "Ah right, about that... Originally we were hoping to purchase some weapons in exchange for food and supplies, but we may need to work something else out. After all, our last purchase is more than enough firepower for the time being."
    (Gloria Chance's dialogue)
  2. Vault dweller: "These weapons don't belong to you. They're property of the Brotherhood."
    Tad Chance: " 'Cept they do, though. We bought 'em. I've got receipts, if you want to see 'em. They're handwritten, but we keep everything on the books here."
    Gloria Chance: "If they belonged to your crew originally, well... That's tough luck for sure... And I feel for you guys, I do. But look around us: what's not second-hand property anymore? Everything used to belong to somebody, right? Really, though, once you get things settled over by the lookout tower, I'm sure we can work something out."
    (Tad and Gloria Chance's dialogue)