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This is a transcript for dialogue with Glenn.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
131 0042F3B0 0042F4D6 Yeah, sure.
132 0042F3B2 0042F478 This whole thing's pretty new, so there's not much, but... He's trying to think of something interesting to tell the player about.
133 Oh! Oh! This one gal, a volunteer, not a slave mind you, she climbs up on the back of this huge Yao Guai and starts riding it around. He suddenly remembers a good story to tell.
134 It's thrashing around, trying to get at her, but she pulls out this length of rusty barbed wire and saws its damn head off.
135 Then she tosses it into Sargento's lap and spits at his feet. The most badass thing I've ever seen.
136 She left with her prize and never came back. Too bad.
137 0042F3B4 0042F492 Nah. Parents are dead. Died when I was fourteen, before I joined up with Sargento. He's a tough guy, but this gets him thinking about his dead parents. He doesn't let it affect him too much.
138 Never had any brothers or sisters. No wife, no kids. I only have to worry about myself.
139 0042F3B6 0042F448 Hell if I know. I might have been two years old at the time. This world is all I've ever known.
140 0042F3B8 0042F4AA Funny story. I ran into Sargento and his gang out in the Capital Wasteland.
141 I was just a scrappy kid at the time, and I stole cans of food from them. Got caught, and wound up in a fist-fight with the boss-man himself.
142 I decked him hard with a sucker punch, but he laughed it off, and offered me a job as a caravan guard.
143 When we settled here, I just kept at it. Only now, instead of keeping jerks away, I keep them in.
144 0042F3BA 0042F45A Glenn. I never liked it, but I never had the heart to change it even though everyone else around here changed theirs after civilization fell.. He didn't change his name, out of respect for his dead parents, but he's too tough to admit it. Still, this gets him thinking.
145 0042F3BC 0042F4C2 Yep. Deadpan
146 0042F3BE 0042F514 No. Deadpan.
147 0042F515 Nah. Deadpan.
148 0042F516 Nope. Deadpan
149 0042F517 Not a chance. Deadpan
150 0042F518 Not gonna happen. Deadpan
151 0042F519 No way. Deadpan
152 0042F51A Keep dreaming. Deadpan
153 0042F51B Drop it before I drop you. Deadpan
154 0042F51C Please stop. Deadpan
155 0042F3C0 0042F4DC You're not taking the hint, are you? Fine, tell you what.
156 There are some toilets 'round the corner over there. If you're desperate, you can check them for water. Heh.
157 0042F3C2 0042F47C I told you, I'm not giving you anything. You're a slave. Worse, you're a slave that doesn't seem to know their place.
158 0042F3C4 0042F4F2 Doesn't sound like my problem. If your master wanted you to win, he'd have given you something to eat.
159 The fact that he hasn't should tell you something about that.
160 Sure seems like no one's going to mourn your loss, least of all me.
161 0042F3C6 0042F489 If you say so.
162 0042F3C8 0042F441 Heh, right. You best be moving on.
163 0042F3CA 0042F4A0 Yeah, I think that's the smart move.
164 0042F3CC 0042F453 Let me spell it out for you then. I don't like you.
165 I don't have much interest in the well-being of some chump who's probably just going to die one way or another tonight, so maybe don't test me.
166 Because if you do, that 'probably' will be 'definitely.' And, I don't give a shit about consequences, because there ain't gonna be none. Very threatening.
167 0042F3CE 0042F4B9 Yeah, sure. There's a room around the corner with toilets in it. The plumbing don't work so good, but eh, it's there if you need it. Thinks the player is a little suspicious, but he's willing to let it go. He doesn't get paid enough for this.
168 Just, don't mess it up too bad, or you'll be the one cleaning it up.
169 0042F3D0 0042F464 Fine by me. Then I wouldn't have to deal with assholes like you.
170 But, say you're right. I say it's better incentive for people to keep their slaves in line.
171 It's why we don't get no upstarts here. And if we do, it's how we make sure they don't get too far.
172 0042F3D2 0042F4D4 You know, slaves are supposed to keep to themselves and shut the hell up. A little surprised. Willing to go along with the player because it's amusing.
173 But... ah what the heck, you're right. I'm bored as shit down here. What do you want to know? He considers following protocol, but he is really bored, so he's willing to indulge a bit.
174 0042F3D4 0042F476 What does this look like, a food bank? You want to eat, then your owner should have brought something for you. You ain't getting it from me. Annoyed.
175 0042F3D6 0042F4EB Yeah, but he'd understand if I told him a slave stepped out of line and tried to break free, know what I'm saying? Vaguely threatening.
186 0042F3E7 0042F472 Hey, that's you. Get out there! Gruff. Making sure the player knows their place.
306 0042F440 0042F4FD Stand down, slave. It'd be a shame if you were to get injured before your next fight. Said with a hint of disgust that the player would approach him.
365 0055C5C1 0055DBBB Get back there and wait to be called. Maintaining order.
366 0055DBBC I know how to make injuries look like accidents, and nobody in here's gonna complain about you getting crippled, understand? Threatening the player.
367 0055DBBD Step away, scum. Maintaining order.
368 0055DBBE Wait your turn. I promise you'll get the opportunity to die soon enough.
369 0055DBBF You've got a lotta nerve talking to me.
380 0055C5C3 0055C5E1 Okay, we got a deal. I won't let Maddie get near your fighter. And you better not forget to tell the boss. He's content with this arrangement, and looking forward to a promotion.
382 0055C5C5 0055C5E4 Hm... You'd do that? He's considering Johhny's offer.
387 0055C5C7 0055C5E6 Yeah, sure. You got it. Whatever you say. Kind of wishy-washy. He's annoyed at being chastised, and just wants Johnny to go away.
391 0055C5C9 0055C5E8 Alright, alright, you made your point. What do you want? A little fearful, but he concedes. Still trying to act tough.
395 0055C5CB 0055C5EB Uh...
398 0055C5CD 0055C5EE You got a problem, buddy? Take it up with the boss man, Sargento. Indifferent. He doesn't have time for this crap, even though he's just been standing around being bored.
448 0055DB8E 0055DB97 Bye Don! Full of excitement and callousness.
468 00590B4C 00590B63 Sure go ahead. Keep pushing my buttons. It's been a while since I had to give a slave a severe beat down.
469 00590B4E 00590B60 What do I look like, someone who cares? Nah, I'm the guy who gets paid to keep scumbags like you in line. Need a demonstration?
470 00590B50 00590B5C You don't take hints very well. Do you need a blunt force reminder of your place here, slave?