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This is a transcript for dialogue with Gleeful Butcher.


# Editor ID Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 ButcherHellos 003F19CB Hello! You wouldn't happen to have any small, helpless animals with you?
2 003F19CC You must have a strong stomach repository to be interested in sausage making details.
3 003F19CD Welcome! hope you have a big appetite.
4 ButcherIdles 003EE37D Best you don't know what I put in these sausages, friend. Emotionless protectron but the person that programmed had a sense of humor.
5 003EE37E It may be messy, but there's nothing like a Fasnacht sausage. Emotionless
6 003EE37F Small animals have the right type of intestines for the sausage making. Bad luck for them.
7 003F19E1 Chop them up. Grind them up. Stuff them into the intestine.
8 003F19E2 It doesn't matter how it looks, friend, only how it tastes.
9 003F19E3 We use local meat products for our sausage, no fancy, imported stuff here.
10 003F19E4 Intestines may not look like much, but they hold the whole thing together. No intestines, no sausage stick.
11 003F19E5 The knife has to be sharp so inorganic butchers are best. They don't accidentally add parts of themselves to the sausage.
12 003F19E6 Sausage is made up of many ingredients. All are organic. Most are meat.
13 003F19E7 Watch where you step. Blood is slippery.
14 003F19E8 Human nutritional requirements are complex. A Fasnacht sausage fulfills several.
15 MCGreetingsafterfirsttalk 00498875 Hello Tourists. I am the Gleeful Butcher. I make the sausages and then march in the Fasnacht Parade, in that order.
16 I must finish one task before starting the other. I need small animal intestines to complete the sausages.
17 E01F_Fasnacht_ButcherToParadeStart 0046FB98 Small animal intestines are plentiful and sufficiently stuffed. Sausage making paused. Proceeding to the parade. Thank you, friends.
18 0046FB95 The parade marker requires me to stand at this location. Assuming alternate identity as a Fasnacht marcher. Hurray!