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For the deceased Andale matriarch mentioned in Fallout 3, see Gladys Smith.

Gladys was a retired servicewoman who resided at the Sandy Coves Convalescent Home in 2077.


A former servicewoman, Gladys was among those who retired to the Sandy Coves Convalescent Home. She was among the many there to experience her age, she now needed a cane to walk and although she was also experiencing dementia, it was a more mild case. In her time at the facility she would escape three times. She decided to do it to remind the non-robotic staff that she's still dangerous.[1][2] On the morning of Saturday, October 23, 2077 she was at the fake bus stop out front, when the radiation from the nuclear detonations swept through the area killing her the other occupants where they were. Her skeleton lies where it fell.

If the Sole Survivor convinces the front desk attendant that they are there to check in and that their family already filled out the paperwork, it will give the Sole Survivor the key to her room. Still locked, her room is littered with military paraphernalia, an American flag stands proudly at the door and propaganda hangs on the walls. On her dresser lies her trifold flag, Army helmet and combat knife among her sea themed pictures. On her shelf lies her military cap next to her radio and late edition newspaper. On the ironing board is her Army fatigues where she last laid them for pressing. Her trunk from her days in the service lies in front of the windows and next to her clean, spartan bed are three fragmentation grenades.


Gladys is mentioned only in Fallout 4.


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