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This is a transcript for dialogue with Gina Bailey.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
130 0056BEEA 0056BF1B I guess that's it. If you don't need anything else, I'm going to just sit here for a moment and contemplate my new existence.
132 0056BEEC 0056BF1E Okay. So we're going to hijack the command communication signals to just shut it down. No need to overcomplicate things... right?
134 0056BEEE 0056BF12 Wow. My robot body doesn't seem to experience pain. That's different. I can't feel anything actually.
145 0056BEF6 0056BF0E Oh, hm. You mean the turrets Doctor Dias made? Oh, I filed a bug report for something AGES ago that she never got around to fixing. distracted by the problem, not upset anymore
146 I can fabricate some tools that will bring them down so fast they won't know what hit them.
147 0056BEF7 0056BF01 You sound like Doctor Dias. Just... tell me what you need and then go electrocute yourself by walking into an electronics cabinet just like she did. a bit vicious or pleased at the end
148 0056BEF8 0056BF13 Oh. Uh... okay. What do you need my help with? I'm awful at everything, just ask anyone.
149 0056BEF9 0056BF03 Wow, thanks! I feel so much better. You can't imagine how much stress and garbage I've had to put up with around here as an intern.
150 0056BEFA 0056BF16 I hate this place. What can I possibly help you with? I'm just a useless intern.
151 0056BEFB 0056BF05 Why are you doing this?
152 0056BEFC 0056BF19 Yes! I don't have time to give autographs or teach students, so you better beat it!
159 005856E3 00585739 You don't need to get mad. I definitely want to help destroy those turrets. They destroyed me, after all. Dissociating a bit
160 I put in a bug report ages ago and she never fixed it... said it was part of the design. So I can just fabricate tools that exploit that weakness, no problem.