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I'm your humble but enthusiastic host Giles Sweetwater. But please call me Sweetwater.

Giles Sweetwater is a Mister Handy operating in Appalachia.


One of the many attractions of Appalachia, The Giant Teapot, has also undergone general automation. A specialized version of Mr. Handy, Sweetwater was created for receiving visitors, working in a gift shop and for the brewing of a special blend of tea with an exquisite taste and delicate aroma.

In 2102, Sweetwater recognized that a Great War had befallen the world, but was not discouraged and was trying to renew this proud tradition of tea drinking. In communicating with the Vault Dweller, Sweetwater will declare that he lacks a special ingredient for tea - honey. When agreeing to find it, the quest Strange Brew will be started.

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Sweetwater appears only in Fallout 76.