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This is a transcript for dialogue with Gilbert Hopson.


# Dialogue Topic Form ID Player Prompt Response Text Script Notes
1 00596E11 00596E44 Miscellaneous Greetings Ah, what a magnificent place this once was. The very epicenter of learning here in Appalachia. Truly, nothing is as valuable as a good education. Wistful, looking around at the remains of a once-proud state university
2 00596E99 Hello once more! What can I do for you? Cheerful
3 00596E12 00596E4A Miscellaneous Hellos Ah, hello again.
4 00596E4B You're back!
5 00596E4C Hello once more.
6 00596E4D Good to see you again.
7 00596E4E Welcome once more to the hallowed grounds of Vault-Tec University.
8 00596E51 I imagine this campus was quite lovely once. Looking around at a college, with fond memories
9 00596E52 You can almost hear the hustle and bustle of students gathering, talking, and rushing to get to class.
10 00596E53 The school's quite intact. That's a pleasant surprise.
11 00596E54 This institution was quite prestigious in its day.
12 00596E13 00596E39 So, what brings you here to the hallowed halls of Vault-Tec University? Searching for knowledge? Foraging for supplies? Neutral, making conversation with a stranger, still sizing them up
13 Or perhaps some secret mission you can't talk about? Cheerful, said with a sort of sly, playful wink and in a low voice, pretending to be a spy
14 00596E15 00596E42 [Intelligence 8+] As Benjamin Franklin once said, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest. Well said! Well said, indeed! It's so good to meet a fellow devotee of the humanities. Enthusiastic
15 I don't mind saying that enlightened minds such as yours and mine are in desperately short supply of late.
16 00596E17 00596E3B Education will be vital to the rebuilding effort. It certainly will, and not just for the rebuilding of structures, machines and other scientific and technological pursuits. Like a professor lecturing
17 We must also repair the fabric of our society and our culture. We must embrace history, art, music, literature and philosophy. Rising passion, getting on a soapbox
18 Why, our mission must be nothing short of reclaiming that which makes us civilized. Enthusiasm and passion
19 00596E19 00596E45 You've got to be joking. An education is totally worthless now. Ignorance, the root and stem of all evil. That's Plato, and while I could take the time to explain who he was, I rather doubt you'd care. Indignant, haughty, feeling insulted
20 *Sigh* I don't mean to condescend, but it's enormously frustrating to encounter someone who doesn't care about all that we've lost. Exasperated, open with a sigh of frustration. Struggling to apologize, but you feel passionate about this
21 00596E1B 00596E3E Yeah, that's great. I'll be going now. May your travels be always safe and your mind be always open.
22 00596E1D 00596E48 Education will be vital to the rebuilding effort. Ah, well I'm afraid there's not much left to find. Time has not been kind to this proud institution. Wistful and sad
23 I myself scoured every classroom and laboratory that I could find, but to little avail.
24 Of course, it didn't help that I was constantly forced to hide from those slavering, deformed horrors roaming the halls. A mix of disgust and fear (you're referring to Feral Ghouls)
25 00596E1F 00596E3F I'm foraging for supplies. Well, this isn't such a bad place for that, I suppose.
26 I myself have made more than few forays into the musty corridors and classrooms in search of anything useful.
27 I must give you fair warning, however, that the school is now home to bands of rasping mutant horrors that seem inclined toward violence.
28 00596E21 00596E36 I'm on a secret mission. Ah, a dash of intrigue always livens up my day. Amused, having fun
29 I admit, the mysteries of Appalachia have always appealed to me. I do enjoy a good tale of cryptid sightings or conspiracy theories.
30 If your objective is the preservation of knowledge, then I wish you great success.
31 00596E23 00596E40 None of your business. I've offended you. I'm sorry, that wasn't my intent.
32 I suppose I'm just eager to engage someone - anyone - in conversation. Such opportunities are all too rare lately.
33 00596E25 00596E38 I'm here to meet someone, a woman with glasses and gray hair. Have you seen her? Not only have I seen her, we had a pleasant conversation just a short while ago. She went inside the school. I do hope she's safe.
34 00596E27 00596E41 [Intelligence 8+] Got any supplies you could share with a fellow enlightened mind? Normally, I'd have to politely refuse your request, but I think we've forged a bond, you and I. Friendly
35 We're like two sailors navigating a stormy ocean of ignorance on a dark night, seeking the bright beacon of knowledge to guide us to safe harbor. Waxing poetic
36 Here, a gift for a fellow seeker of wisdom. Handing the player something
37 00596E29 00596E3A Thanks for your time. Certainly. It was a genuine pleasure. The player just said goodbye
38 00596E2B 00596E43 I have some questions. Ask away!
39 00596E2D 00596E3D [Strength 8+] I need supplies and you're going to give them to me, because I will hit a man with glasses. Now now, there's no need for violence. I'm happy to help. A bit flustered and scared, you've just been threatened
40 After all, as Dickens once wrote, no one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another. Flustered, intimidated. You've been threatened into giving the player supplies.
41 Here, have these with my compliments.
42 00596E2F 00596E47 Where are you from? Up north. Connecticut. A small town called Monroe, named for the fifth president of the United States. Happy to make conversation and reminisce
43 It was quite lovely, especially in the autumn. My wife and I used to ride the bicycle trails on Sundays and then visit the local brewery for a pint.
44 Ah, I do miss those days. And I miss my Millie, may she rest in everlasting peace. A note of sadness about losing your wife
45 00596E31 00596E37 What brings you to Appalachia? That's a bit of a story. Not long after the war, I lost my wife Millicent to cancer, likely brought on by the radiation. Looking back with sadness
46 Every day I questioned whether to go on living at all. Without her, the days were empty, devoid of any purpose beyond the simple need to survive.
47 But in time, once I'd learned to adapt to living in the world after the bombs, I decided to set a new goal for myself.
48 I set out to visit those great American centers of learning that still remained intact. I've always felt at home in such places.
49 And so, here I am, at least for a while.
50 00596E33 00596E46 What did you do before the war? I was a teacher. History and literature were my subjects. It always brought me great joy to illuminate the eager minds of children. Cheerful, a happy memory
51 Well, for the few who were interested, at any rate. High school students are easily distracted, I'm afraid.
52 00596E35 00596E3C That's all I wanted to know. Very well. Was there anything else?
53 005972DB 005972DC What do you think about the Vault-Tec corporation? Well, I'd start by saying that without Vault-Tec, humanity would be lost. The Vaults saved precious lives and gave us a chance to rebuild. Proud
54 Now, we all heard about the rumors and controversies, but what large corporation doesn't have to cope with such things from time to time?
55 As far as I'm concerned, the only real blemish on Vault-Tec's record is the rather shameless corporate branding on display here at VTU. Disdain, haughty disapproval