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Let's be honest: You sleep with anything that walks on two legs. Sometimes, you're not even that discriminating.Fallout 2 description

Gigolo is a reputation title in Fallout and Fallout 2.


You get this title by passing the obj_sex_rating formula once with a rating of 9.

Sex Rating Formula

The formula is identical to the one for passing the porn audition in the quest Become a Porn Star at the Golden Globes.

obj_sex_rating formula:

if you have Kama Sutra Master

if you have Sex Appeal

if you are a Sex_God

Each time the character has sex, the above formula is used to calculate a number from 1 to 15 based on the current stats. That number is added to a global variable called GVAR_PLAYER_SEX_LEVEL. The Sex_God hidden title is assigned after the character gains 100 points of sexual experience, but isn't necessary to gain the Gigolo title. The extra 2 points is helpful, so, to accumulate experience more quickly, drugs like Buffout or Jet before sex help, as does wearing the Mirrored shades during sex.

If the character ever breaks 9 after sex, using the above formula, then they are given the Gigolo title.

A few NPCs will make commentary based on your character's performance. Leslie Anne Bishop is the most significant and it affects dialogue with her. The levels assigned are from the obj_sex_rating formula and are:

  • sex_rating_great (9) - grants Gigolo title.
  • sex_rating_good (7)
  • sex_rating_normal (5)
  • sex_rating_bad (3)
  • sex_rating_horrible (2)


Despite the rumors that it increases initial reaction of characters of the opposite sex aka Sex Appeal trait without the drawbacks, script sources show no effects apart from the sex rating — in particular, no effect on reaction.


  • This perk may replace Sexpert when received, though it may not if one has used chems to raise their SPECIAL to the requirements.
  • In Modoc, one can make use of a trick allowing to have sex with Miria several times while having CH > 6 and a positive reputation in Modoc. After the deed is done, Grisham will barge in and confront them. If male, the player character can attempt to explain away the flagrante delicto as a "medical examination" with sufficient Intelligence. If this works, it's possible to convince Miria to have sex again and again, making it easier to get the Gigolo title. If not - one will be married.
  • Sex with Mrs. Bishop does not count, probably due to an oversight.