Giddyup 'n Go is a miscellaneous quest in Fallout 4.

Quick walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Miscellaneous quest: Giddyup 'n Go
Talk to Arlen Glass and accept his quest.
Retrieve the toy parts in Wilson Atomatoys factory.
Bring the parts back to Arlen Glass.
Rewards: 100+ XP
150/225/300 caps

Detailed walkthrough[edit | edit source]

To begin this quest, talk with Arlen Glass in The Slog and ask him for work. He'll express his interest in the toy Giddyup Buttercup and say he needs some spare parts, which can only be found in the Wilson Atomatoys factory, for his work on them. If asked for a reward, he'll offer a base payment of 150 caps and can be pushed into offering 225 or 300 caps with some speech checks. A third reward speech check, if passed, will give a Wilson Atomatoys ID card, used in the quest.

When you reach the factory, it's likely that the super mutants that inhabit the place and nearby Gunners will be battling each other. They and the super mutants located within will need to be fought through to retrieve the toy parts. A minigun wielding super mutant named Big Mack, leader of the small group, will also be found inside. Being so far south and right next to Quincy, this is a very dangerous area. Being a higher level and well-prepared is recommended when doing this quest.

After killing the mutants, head to a small room in the back of the factory with a door that requires an ID card to open. To get in the room with the quest parts, get the ID card located upstairs over at the right of the desk in the corner on the ground. One may also be found on the super mutant overlord, or another mutant leader, found outside or inside the factory. The player can also find one at the Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ in a filing cabinet in the security office on the second floor. If the third speech check was passed with Arlen, you'll already possess one. Once inside, take the toy parts found on a shelf to the left of the room and return to The Slog.

Talk with Arlen again and give him the parts. In his excitement and awe, he'll gladly give you the caps reward agreed upon, ending the quest.

Quest stages[edit | edit source]

40 Search the Atomatoys Factory for toy parts
80Quest finishedReturn to Arlen Glass

Notes[edit | edit source]

If the Sole Survivor has already cleared the factory before meeting Arlen, then depending on having Giddyup Buttercup toy parts or the recording from his daughter in the inventory, several different dialogue options will appear:

  • If the recording from Arlen's daughter is in the inventory, the player can ask if he is "The Arlen Glass" followed by an optional speech check about whether he has a daughter. Passing or skipping the speech check, the player is given a choice to give Marlene's holotape to him. Arlen will listen to the recording and give a caps reward together with the Buttercup toy, which is a miniature version of the horse. Afterward, Arlen will listen to the holotape once more, after which the player can engage him in conversation again to acquire the miscellaneous quest to find the toy parts. In order to receive the quest, the demand for a reward must be chosen. There will be two optional speech checks to receive a higher reward. Attempt or skip the speech checks and a dialogue option of "All right" can be selected at which point the quest will be added to the Pip-Boy.
  • If parts are not in the inventory (not taken from the factory, scrapped, or put somewhere else) then the Sole Survivor could tell Arlen where to find the toy parts he wants. Arlen will reward 150 caps as payment for the tip and decides to go to the factory himself, denying the player the miscellaneous quest.[verified] Alternatively, if the toy parts were found and stored at a settlement, a reward can still be demanded and then the quest accepted. Arlen can then immediately be spoken to again and told that the toy parts were found. The quest will complete as normal. This allows the player to keep the toy parts while also completing the miscellaneous quest.
  • If parts are in the inventory then the Sole Survivor could give them to him. Arlen will reward 150 caps as payment, but the miscellaneous quest will be skipped.
  • After the quest is completed, one may find a Giddyup Buttercup standing on top of a hill located north of coastal cottage with a note placed on the ground before him. The note reads "For a child who needs it - Arlen Glass."

Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • PCIcon pc.png Xbox OneIcon xboxone.png Arlen Glass may be unresponsive or found dead at the Slog. Using the kill and resurrect console commands will allow you to complete the quest.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc.png Playstation 4Icon ps4.png Xbox OneIcon xboxone.png It is possible to obtain and scrap the parts before meeting Arlen and beginning the quest and thus be unable to finish it. [verified]
    • On PC, this can be worked around by using the console command player.additem 00031aaf after beginning the quest and then speaking to Arlen.
    • On PS4 version 1.16, if toy parts are accidentally scrapped, the quest can still be completed by talking to Arlen, demanding a reward, accepting the quest, and choosing to give him the parts (even though they are not present in inventory).
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