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So one day my grandpappy was egging. It was a foul day, fog so thick you couldn't see your hand in front of your face. He was stumbling along and then he heard a tremendous clamoring. From the ocean. Like nothing he ever heard before or since. He stood still for a long time and the fog cleared for a brief moment. And that's when he saw the outline of the great behemoth. Massive... bigger than anything you or I will ever see. Ol' Peg. A giant blue ghoul whale.— A caravan worker at Bunker Hill

A ghoul whale is a creature mentioned in Fallout 4.


Ghoul whales are supposedly whales ravaged by radiation following the Great War.


The ghoul whales are mentioned by a worker in Bunker Hill, specifically one called Ol' Peg discussed in Bunker Hill. This conversation lets the player character overhear another bit of dialogue from a female worker mentioning Ol' Peg and where to find it that would start the quest Here There Be Monsters. The player character would then be pointed towards the Yangtze, suggesting the workers confused it for a ghoulified whale.[1] They are also mentioned by two whale hunters east of Nahant Wharf.


The ghoul whale is mentioned only in Fallout 4, but several skeletons dot the shores of the Island in the Far Harbor add-on.


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