The ghoul outpost is a small camp inside a building located southwest of Marigold station, and is home to three hostile ghouls and a jailed super mutant.


To get to the ghoul outpost, turn left down the street as the Lone Wanderer exits Marigold station and travels until they come to a T in the road (one block). Turn left at the T and continue along this road and pass through a barricade that says "Welcome to Grayditch." Turn to the right and go up a little hill. Just as the player character comes to the top of the hill, turn right. The entrance is the set of double-doors in the large building immediately to the right (check the Pip-Boy local map for "Outpost").

Inside the building is a small square room with a burning barrel, a jail cell containing a super mutant, and numerous desks and junk scattered about.

Notable lootEdit


  • While the ghoul outpost does not show up on the world map, its entrance is clearly marked as "Outpost" on the local map. The entrance is two double-doors on a large building.
  • They may be ghouls but they are in the raider faction and the ghoul mask has no effect.


The ghoul outpost appears only in Fallout 3.


PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 Occasionally, the super mutant can run through the wire fence and attack the player or enemy ghoul, then may pick up the frag grenades under the booby-trapped computer on the desk in the room it was caged in. [verified]


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