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This is a transcript for dialogue with Jason Bright.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Hello, wanderer. Please forgive us of our humble surroundings. Our true home awaits us in the Far Beyond. {ghoul voice; welcoming} 1
Neutral 50 Have you come to help us complete the Great Journey? {ghoul voice; hopeful} 2
GREETING Neutral 50 I apologize, wanderer, but I must go tend to my flock! 3
GREETING Neutral 50 I waited to speak with you one last time before I descended to the launch pad, wanderer. {ghoul voice; greeting} 4
Neutral 50 I want you to know that we will remember for all eternity how you delivered us to the threshold of the Great Journey. {ghoul voice; sincerely} 5
Neutral 50 Our preparations are nearly complete, but the rockets that will carry us to salvation are yet missing vital components. {ghoul voice} 6
Neutral 50 If you would still help us, wanderer, speak to Chris. He can tell you what is missing. 7
Neutral 50 There is no way that we can thank you enough, wanderer. Your arrival here was a blessing. We will remember you always. 8
GREETING Neutral 50 Forgive me, wanderer, but my flock awaits. 9
GREETING Neutral 50 Is the way clear? 10
GREETING Neutral 50 Will you help us, wanderer? 11
Who are you? Neutral 50 I am Jason Bright, the prophet of the Great Journey. All the ghouls you see here are members of my flock. 12
Your last name is "Bright?" That's funny. Neutral 50 An auspicious name, don't you think? It was mine before I became as I am now. Before the Great War, even. 13
Neutral 50 Truly does the creator author a destiny for each and every one of us... 14
JasonBrightAlreadyHelpingChris I'm already helping Chris with the rockets. Neutral 50 It pleases me to hear this. Truly, the creator sent you to help us in our time of need. 15
PC asks about Chris H
What's the deal with the human who let me in? Neutral 50 You're referring to Chris. I doubt you had much luck if you tried telling him that he's human. 16
Neutral 50 We had the same discussions when he first appeared, and the same lack of success. He believes he is one of us. 17
Neutral 50 Soon enough we realized that Chris was a gift from the creator. He is integral to the success of the Great Journey. 18
Let's talk about Chris. Neutral 50 After all that you have done for us, I suppose you deserve to know everything... 19
Neutral 50 When Chris came to us, we tried to convince him that he was human. But this only angered him. He seemed... lost. 20
Neutral 50 We decided to let him stay with us for a few days, over the course of which we learned that his technical skills far surpassed our own. 21
Neutral 50 It became clear that the creator had sent him to us, to ensure the success of the Great Journey. 22
Neutral 50 Equally clear was that Chris should labor in blessed ignorance of his humanity, and his inability to make the journey himself. 23
Neutral 50 It is no coincidence that two humans have been vital to the success of the Great Journey. 24
Neutral 50 It is my belief that the creator sent you and Chris to expiate the sins of your kind against mine. You are redeemers both. 25
So you're going to leave Chris behind? Neutral 50 Such is the creator's will. Vision upon vision has shown me that, were Chris to accompany us, he would die in minutes. 26
Neutral 50 The radiation around the launch pad alone would kill Chris in minutes. The radioactivity of the Far Beyond is much stronger. 27
PC will not alert Chris H
Well, it's none of my business. Neutral 50 Chris shall be declared the Saint of the Great Journey before we depart. I hope this will ease his sadness... 28
PC says he understands role of Chris H
Wow! You really pulled the wool over his eyes! Neutral 50 I take no pleasure in hiding the truth from Chris. But it is the creator's will, to which I must submit. 29
JasonBrightChrisDisapprove You've been using Chris. It's despicable. Neutral 50 It is the creator's will, and I must submit. There is no malice in it. We would take him with us if we could. 30
JasonBrightFarBeyond What is this Far Beyond? Neutral 50 I have glimpsed it only in visions, wanderer, but what I have seen is truly miraculous. 31
Neutral 50 It is a place of light and healing, and I know in my soul that my flock will be safe there. 32
PC asks about the Great Journey
What's the "Great Journey"? Neutral 50 We wish to escape the barbarity of the wasteland, especially the violence and bigotry of its human inhabitants. 33
Neutral 50 The creator has promised to my flock a new land: a place of safety and healing... a paradise in the Far Beyond. 34
Neutral 50 Preparations for the Great Journey were nearly complete when the demons appeared. 35
How will you make the "Journey?" Neutral 50 The means by which the Great Journey is to be accomplished are an article of faith, not to be discussed with outsiders. 36
Are you seriously going to make your "Great Journey" on those rockets? Neutral 50 Yes. The rockets will convey us to our promised land in the Far Beyond. Vision upon vision has confirmed it. 37
Are these surface-to-surface rockets? Or will they launch you into orbit? Neutral 50 I understand your concerns, friend, and I thank you for voicing them. But the creator's will for us has been made manifest. 38
Those rockets will convey you and your flock straight into the ground! Neutral 50 I understand your concerns, friend, and I thank you for voicing them. But the creator's will for us has been made manifest. 39
JasonBrightKeepTalking I'll think about it. Neutral 50 Please do. 40
PC asks about the Nightkin
Tell me more about these "demons." Neutral 50 The demons appeared from nowhere... except it might be more accurate to say they never actually "appeared" at all. 41
Neutral 50 The demons are invisible. Where one of them stands, the most one sees is the air shimmering, like sunlight on water... 42
Neutral 50 They set upon us as we were on our way to worship one morning. We had just entered the basement. 43
Neutral 50 My flock fought bravely, and killed a few, but at such cost. Nearly half of us died or went missing. 44
Neutral 50 The rest of us retreated up here. One of the demons raved at us, but they have not tried to attack us since. 45
Neutral 50 Still, their demonic presence brought all progress towards the Great Journey to a standstill. 46
Neutral 50 But now you have come. Once again, the creator has sent a human to help us across a seemingly insurmountable obstacle. 47
You say one of the demons "raved" at you? Neutral 50 Yes, over the intercom. Threats of death should we step outside, guarantees of safety should we stay locked away. 48
Neutral 50 It went on for hours, and did not always make sense. But that was the first day only. Since then, silence. 49
Neutral 50 Will you drive away the demons, wanderer? 50
About those "demons"... Neutral 50 Yes, wanderer? 51
PC reports that Nightkin are gone
The "demons" are gone. Neutral 50 Praise the creator! And bless you, wanderer! The way is clear. I will lead my flock through the basement to the sacred site! 52
Neutral 50 I hope you will come find us there, wanderer! There is much to be done. 53
I haven't dealt with the "demons" yet. Neutral 50 I understand. I know you will fulfill your promise. 54
PC declines to help
Sorry. Not interested. Neutral 50 But we have no hope of completing the Great Journey without your help! 55
Like I said, not interested. Neutral 50 I pray that you will reconsider, wanderer. 56
PC agrees to help
I've already killed your "demons." Neutral 50 Praise the creator. Bless you, wanderer! Bless us all! 57
Neutral 50 With the underground rid of demons, preparations for the Great Journey can resume! 58
I'll take care of the "demons" for you. Neutral 50 Praise the creator. Bless you, wanderer! Bless us all! 59
Neutral 50 As soon as the underground has been rid of demons, preparations for the Great Journey can resume! 60
PC says Novac is worried about REPCONN ghouls
I'm here because feral ghouls have been wandering into Novac. Neutral 50 And they've been shooting them down like animals, haven't they? 61
Neutral 50 Those ghouls were members of my flock, even after the madness consumed their minds. We never let them wander free. 62
Neutral 50 We kept them safe on the first floor. We kept them contained. The demons must have let them out, somehow... 63
Neutral 50 And now they are lost forever, denied the salvation and healing glow of the Far Beyond... 64
Neutral 50 Please, wanderer, bear in mind that every feral ghoul you spare now is one that we can save later. 65
Neutral 50 Once the way is clear, our feral brothers and sisters will accompany us on the Great Journey. If there are any left... 66
JasonBrightNovacGhoulicide Some folks in Novac want you dead, and will pay to have it done. Neutral 50 I wish I could say I was surprised. But that is what we've come to expect from your kind. 67
Neutral 50 Normally, it's what I'd expect from you. But it was the creator who brought you here today. 68


Understood. Neutral 50 Do come find us! 69
I need to get going. Neutral 50 Return to me, wanderer. We need your help. 70
I'll be on my way. Neutral 50 Let me know when the underground has been rid of the demons. 71
Goodbye, Jason. Neutral 50 There is no way that we can thank you enough, wanderer. Your arrival here was a blessing. We will remember you always. 72
Goodbye, Jason. Neutral 50 Goodbye, wanderer. 73
JasonBrightSpeech1 JasonBrightSpeech1 Neutral 50 Gather, all. May the creator guide my words and help me speak true... 74
JasonBrightSpeech2 JasonBrightSpeech2 Neutral 50 The almighty creator has seen fit to answer our prayers. The time has come for us to board the rockets and begin the Great Journey. 75
JasonBrightSpeech3 JasonBrightSpeech3 Neutral 50 Though it may seem that all humans despise us, the creator has seen fit to instruct us differently. 76
JasonBrightSpeech4 JasonBrightSpeech4 Neutral 50 The Journey ahead would have been impossible if not for the intercession of two human friends, one new, the other a long-abiding companion. 77
JasonBrightSpeech5 JasonBrightSpeech5 Neutral 50 To our new friend, we say thanks, and promise never to forget how he cleared from our path the demons who sought to stay our Journey. 78
JasonBrightSpeech6 JasonBrightSpeech6 Neutral 50 But to Chris, we owe more than thanks. Chris, you have made this Great Journey a reality. 79
JasonBrightSpeech7 JasonBrightSpeech7 Neutral 50 From this moment forward, you will be remembered as the Saint of the Great Journey. We shall never forget you. 80
JasonBrightSpeech8 JasonBrightSpeech8 Neutral 50 I ask that you forgive us, Chris, and give us your blessing, and we bestow ours upon you. 81
JasonBrightSpeech9 JasonBrightSpeech9 Neutral 50 Seekers, board the rockets, take your seats. The Great Journey awaits! To the promised land we go! To the Far Beyond! 82


AcceptYield AcceptYield Neutral 50 Better not try that again. 83
Assault Assault Neutral 50 What was that for? 84
Assault Neutral 50 You dirty coward! 85
Assault Neutral 50 What the hell?! 86
Attack Attack Neutral 50 You like that? 87
Attack Neutral 50 Come on! 88
Attack Neutral 50 Had enough? 89
AvoidThreat AvoidThreat Neutral 50 Look out! 90
FireExplosive FireExplosive Neutral 50 Incoming! 91
FireExplosive Neutral 50 Get down! 92
Flee Flee Neutral 50 Help! 93
Flee Neutral 50 This is hopeless! 94
Flee Neutral 50 I'm out of here! 95
Hit Hit Neutral 50 I'm hit! 96
Hit Neutral 50 Damn! 97
Murder Murder Neutral 50 What have you done? 98
Murder Neutral 50 Murderer! 99
Murder Neutral 50 No! 100
Steal Steal Neutral 50 Thief! 101
Steal Neutral 50 You can't just take that! 102
Steal Neutral 50 That doesn't belong to you! 103