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So this is the Ghost of She's lair. I was never brave enough to try to find it....Waking Cloud

The Ghost Den is a location in Zion Canyon in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.


In the culture of the Sorrows tribe, there is the story of the Ghost of She. Long before the present, a young girl of the tribe, yet to be named who was very curious, wandered into a nearby den inhabited by yao guai, leading to her death. The Sorrows mourned her and believed that because she died without ever having a name, the girl and the beast that killed her become one, the so-called Ghost of She. Many warriors of the Sorrows have since attempted to kill it and release her spirit, but to no avail.[1]


Situated west of the Vault 22 dwellers' guard camp and north-northeast of the Sorrows Fork campground, the location consists of a small valley area with steep walls, leading uphill and curving round to the right towards a dead-end. At the end of the 'den' there are numerous skeletons, both human and animal. Several yao guai will be in the area.

During Rite of Passage, the unique yao guai Ghost of She will spawn at the end of the ravine, with a wall of fire appearing behind the player character until the creature is killed.

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The Ghost Den appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.

  1. Waking Cloud: "That is a sad story. I do not like to tell it, but if you are asking, it must be at White Bird's request. That, I will honor. Long ago, a girl lived among this tribe. She was a curious child, and a clever one, and her mother had a devil's time watching over her. One day, the child slipped away from camp and went to play in the caves nearby. The girl did not know that a Yao Guai slept in that cave. The girl died. The tribe wept, for the girl had died before her naming day, and her ghost would remain restless and wandering upon the earth. Many hunters tried to kill the beast, but it eluded them, or drove them off. The shaman said that since it had consumed the girl, the two were one. So we call the beast Ghost of She, for the child had no name to be called. That is the story of the Ghost of She. It is a sad story. It is our story."
    (Waking Cloud's dialogue)
  2. Waking Cloud: "So this is the Ghost of She's lair. I was never brave enough to try to find it...."
    (Waking Cloud's dialogue)